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AIM Newsletter: Spring Break 2012 Edition

Applied Investment Management Program at Marquette University
The AIM Class of 2013 will make their first equity presentations after spring break
The newest group of students in the AIM program (Class of 2013), will be conducting their first equity analysis and presentations following spring break. There will be a total of five sets of AIM equity presentations, both in the AIM Room (4th floor of Straz Hall) and on the road.

Information about the three ‘in-house’ presentations, which can be attended in person or via video conference, are presented below:
                 Friday, March 30th
                    - Click for Video Conference Link
                 Friday, April 27th
                    -Click for Video Conference Link
                  Friday, May 4th
                    - Click for Video Conference Link
Note:  The video conference link will take to you the Blackboard Collaborate session which is exclusively used for the AIM student presentations on the specified date and time noted above.

The two remaining AIM ‘Road Shows’ are scheduled as follows: 
  • Geneva Capital Management (Milwaukee) Friday, April 13th 
  • Timpani Capital Management (Milwaukee)  Friday, April 20th 
The student write-ups of their equity presentations will be available to view and download on the AIM website several days prior to the scheduled presentation. 
AIM Students Completed a Successful Visit to Chicago 
On Friday, March 2nd, Dr. David Krause (AIM program director) and the students in the AIM Class of 2013 visited Chicago. Despite the forecast for an early March snowstorm, the students departed Milwaukee before dawn. Dr. Krause and the AIM students were accompanied by Brady Endl (AIM program Graduate Assistant), Mike McGuire (MSAE student), Sarah Smith (Marquette Advancement), and George Koonce (Marquette Advancement).

The first stop was at Ziegler Lotsoff Capital Management. The investment professionals at Ziegler Lotsoff and the AIM students met in the board room and Dr. Krause provided an overview of the AIM program. Four students (Elizabeth Buckton, Brent Adams, Yatina Liu, and Varun Varma) then made their first equity pitches. Ten investment professionals at Ziegler Lotsoff Capital Management (20 N. Clark Street) attended the student presentations and asked questions. They also offered valuable comments and suggestions following the students’ stock pitches.
Don Nesbitt, CFA, (Managing Director and Co-Chief Investment Officer – Equities) and Mark Burka, CFA, (Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager) provided particularly valuable commentary to the students about the equity research process. Dr. Krause said, “We will be certain to host these two experienced and seasoned investment professionals in the AIM room soon – their comments resonated with the students. The value of visiting investment professionals at their firms was again evident.”
Dr. Krause said, “This was the AIM program's second visit was to Ziegler Lotsoff and it was again a success. The students and investment professionals had a productive discussion about the best practices of successful investment research and professional presentations. We are thankful to our hosts: Scott Roberts (President  & CEO), and  Maggie Baer (Managing Director and Chief Administrative & Operating Officer). We look forward to future visits.

The students then traveled to Loop Capital at 200 W. Jackson Blvd.  They had an opportunity to meet and visit with Albert Grace, Jr. (Co-Founder and President) and several of his associates (Paul Bonaguro, Eric Lane, and Booker Whitt). In addition, Paul King of Northern Trust also attended the meeting, which was held in Loop Capital's executive board room.
The four AIM students again had the opportunity to present their first AIM equity recommendations (click table below).

Dr. Krause commented, "The students did an outstanding job pitching their stocks. What was most impressive is that these are the juniors in the AIM program - they have literally been in the AIM Room less than two months and they are already doing professional level analysis and presentations in executive board rooms. I was very pleased with the questions and comments from the professionals that joined Mr. Grace to hear the student presentations."
The students were then treated to a tour of Loop’s trading floor. Dr. Krause commented, “We are very appreciative of the opportunity to meet with Mr. Grace and his associates. Loop Capital is an impressive firm and the AIM students enjoyed the opportunity to meet with some of the traders and investment professionals. It was a wonderful visit.”  Dr. Krause added, "We are grateful to Raullo Eanes (Wintrust Financial Corporation) for arranging the visit to Loop Capital."

The third and final investment firm that the AIM students visited was BMO Capital Markets at 115 S. LaSalle. Marquette alumni David Kucera (Managing Director and Head of U.S. Securitization) and Steve McManaman (Managing Director, Financial Products) arranged the visit and gave the students an excellent update on the capital markets and the securitization process. The visit concluded with a tour of the BMO’s massive trading floor.

Students in the AIM Class of 2013 Seeking Summer Internships
The spring semester is moving along very quickly and the newest group of AIM students (Class of 2013) have completed their resumes and begun the search for a summer internship. The AIM program provides students with opportunities to visit financial institutions, gain practical experience, and draw valuable skills from industry professionals through summer internships.  These internships also provide the chance for students to rigorously apply their developing financial skills in the real-world situations. Many career opportunities have been launched as a result of these high quality internships.

The AIM program provides employers with bright, educated, and motivated investment research and asset management professionals.  AIM Director, Dr. Krause, said, "The AIM program is very grateful to the many financial firms who partner with us in providing internships and career opportunities for our students."
The mission of the AIM program is to provide Marquette University’s undergraduate students the opportunity to integrate the financial principles they learn in the classroom along with relevant internships and investment experiences so that they may become proficient and ethical investment professionals.  According to AIM Director, Dr. David Krause, “One of the best ways to fulfill the AIM mission is provide students with high quality finance internships during the summer between their junior and senior years.”
If you want additional information about the process of hiring an AIM summer intern or would like to view the resumes of the students in the Class of 2013, please contact Dr. David Krause at

AIM Class of 2012 Career Placements
According to AIM Director, Dr. David Krause, “We have been true to our mission which I believe has allowed us to achieve an outstanding placement record for our AIM students over the years. I think that the academic rigors of the program - combined with real world experience - give our students an edge in the marketplace when they are competing for internships and career placements.”

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in finance from Marquette University have successfully competed in the world of finance for the past 100 years. Dr. Krause commented, “The AIM program goes one step beyond a traditional finance major by providing a balance of theory and practical applications which helps to facilitate our students’ transition from the classroom to the workplace. To me, applied education makes a lot of sense for students and prospective employers.”
Career opportunities for students majoring in finance and participating in the AIM program include:  security analysis, corporate treasury operations, risk management, credit analysis, consulting, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, sales and trading, commercial banking, private equity, and financial wealth management. “AIM graduates are working across the United States, and for that matter, around the world,” Dr. Krause stated. “Our AIM alumni are finding success in all areas of finance.”  If you have a career opportunity and are interested in viewing the resumes of our students, please contact Dr. Krause at

Fifth Annual Ins and Outs of Wall Street Returning in April
On Saturday, April 14th, Marquette University's Applied Investment Management Program is sponsoring the "Ins and Outs" of Wall Street.  This annual event provides an opportunity for our alumni to share their personal experiences, including the best ways to prepare for "Wall Street" interviews and how to grow a career in the current competitive financial environment.  Alumni from companies such as R.W. Baird, Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley. Lazard, and Wells Capital Management, will be participating.

Dr. Krause said, "This is a very important session that all finance majors at Marquette should attend.  These professionals from many major financial institutions will offer insights into the recruiting process followed a networking opportunity. This is an outstanding event and one that students should take full advantage." For more information about the event, please follow this link:  Ins and Outs of Wall Street.

The AIM Program Activities in January and February 2011
The spring semester has been busy for Dr. David Krause and the students in the AIM program. A total of five sets of AIM student equity presentations were held (including three off-campus) during the first two months of the semester. There were numerous other AIM-related events during January and February:
•  Dr. Krause traveled to Seattle where he visited with alumni at Cascade Investments and Microsoft
•  Tom Digenan (UBS, Chicago) visited with Dr. Krause to prepare for the MBA Investments course he is teaching this semester
•  Shayla Martin (Bloomberg, New York) visited the AIM classroom to help students with new functions and applications
•  Dr. Krause and nearly 20 students attended a CFA Society of Milwaukee luncheon that featured Dan Fuss (Loomis Sayles, Boston) 
•  R.W. Baird held an information session on Marquette’s campus that was sponsored by the Financial Management Association and the AIM program
•  Drs. Suk Hun Lee and Nenad Jukic of Loyola University Chicago visited the AIM program and interacted with the student during in-class equity presentations
•  Hosted a “meet & greet” session for local investment companies
•  Jim Bianco (Bianco Research, Chicago) delivered a lecture to the AIM and FMA students at the Raynor Library
•  Raullo Eanes, Michael Cherwin, and Debbie O’Malley (Wintrust, Chicago) visited with Dr. Krause about career and internship opportunities
•  Met with Ethan Matter and Tim O'Donnell (Lazard, Minneapolis) 
•  Conducted a field trip with the AIM students in the Class of 2013 to Mason Street Advisors (Milwaukee)
•  Held an ‘open house’ for freshmen and sophomores interested in learning more about the AIM program
•  Hosted Brenda Campbell (Make a Difference, Milwaukee) to meet with the AIM students about the high school financial literacy program
•  Met with Mark Zellmer (Northern Oak, Milwaukee) to discuss curriculum and student internship opportunities
•  Met with Daniel Geigler (Morgan Stanley, Milwaukee) and Dr. Sarah Peck about applied student learning opportunities
•  Brought Barrett Willich (Winona Capital Management, Chicago) to speak in Dr. Krause’s Alternative Investments and AIM classes
•  Craig Vanucci (Ziegler Lotsoff Capital Management, Chicago) visited the AIM program to lecture on modern portfolio risk management practices
•  Met with Mr. Dick Pieper (Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation, Milwaukee) to discuss a student learning opportunity
•  Hosted the 5th annual AIM Forum that featured Jim Bianco, Brian Hellmer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Dr. John Davis (Marquette University), and Dr. Michael McMillan (CFA Institute, Charlottesville, VA)
•  Traveled with thirty students to R.W. Baird for a set of AIM equity presentations and a ‘meet & greet’ session with investment professionals
•  Attended the Business Leaders Forum luncheon with Chris Swain (Mason Street Advisors, Milwaukee)
•  Hosted Keith Hanson (State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, Columbus) as a guest speaker in the AIM classes
•  Frank Burgess (Madison Investment Advisors, Madison) delivered a lecture to the AIM and FMA students in the AIM Room
•  Five AIM students participated and won the CFA Society of Madison’s Investment Research Challenge
•  Five students presented their equity recommendations at the Heartland Funds (Milwaukee)
•  Dr. Krause, Brady Endl, Tom Kelly, and Rupali Varma updated and presented an investment policy statement to the investment committee members of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater
•  Dr. Krause chaperoned thirty students to Chicago where investment company visits included: Ziegler Lotsoff Capital Management, Loop Capital Management, and BMO Capital Markets. Five students in the Class of 2013 successfully completed their first equity presentation.
In short, the AIM program has begun the first two months of 2012 with an aggressive schedule. Dr. Krause stated, “We have five more sets of equity presentations scheduled in April and May, including visits to Timpani Capital Management, Geneva Capital Management, and three sets of internal presentations in the AIM Room. Additionally we have many more speakers scheduled for the remainder of the semester. We will also be hosting the fifth annual Ins and Outs of Wall Street session on April 17th. We're off to a strong start to the semester and I know we’ll end on a high note."
To learn obtain more detail about recent events in the AIM program; check out the AIM program blog.

The Fifth Annual AIM Forum 
The fifth annual AIM Investment Forum and reception was held on Thursday, February 16, 2012, at Marquette University’s Weasler Auditorium.  
The AIM Investment Forum and reception are among the major activities of the year for the Applied Investment Management program. The AIM Forum, is a reservation-only event that typically includes over 150 guests (students, alumni, and Friends of AIM). 

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director, served as the Forum moderator. As in previous forums, this year’s AIM Investment Forum was conducted in a format similar to the Davos World Economic Forum.  Dr. Krause engaged an open conversation with the special guests (Jim Bianco President of Bianco Research, John Davis Professor of Economics at Marquette University, and Brian Hellmer Director of the Hawk Center at the Wisconsin School of Business).  Michael McMillian, Director of Ethics and Professional Standards at the CFA Institute added a new element to the forum this year with his interactive ethics and professional standards presentation.
The AIM Investment Forum is designed to provide a lively discussion of the current issues impacting the U.S. and global financial markets. The topics in the past have been wide ranging and members of the audience are also able to interact and ask questions of the panelists.

Contact info:

Dr. David S. Krause, AIM Director
Straz Hall, 436
PO Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201


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