Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dr. Mark Eppli was a guest this past week in Dr. Krause’s Alternative Investment course

This week, Dr. Mark Eppli, Professor of Finance and the Robert B. Bell, Sr., Chair in Real Estate at Marquette University, guest lectured in Dr. David Krause’s Alternative Investments course.  Krause said, “It was a pleasure having Dr. Eppli join us for three lectures on real estate as an alternative investment class. He is truly among the most knowledgeable in the nation on this topic.”

Krause continued, “Mark did a very thorough job discussing the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investment. He went into detail describing the characteristics of real estate investments.  Besides going in depth with the financial mechanics of multi-family unit and commercial real estate investment, he also covered portfolio related topics (i.e. low volatility, liquidity, pricing, leverage and tax implications). He also worked through monthly and annual pro forma cash flow models.”

“Dr. Eppli also discussed some of the disadvantages of real estate investing which include high minimum initial cost, low liquidity, and the complexity of evaluating each individual investment,” Krause added. “I really appreciate Mark’s time – and I know the students benefited greatly. He’s always a student favorite in the classroom.”

Mark Eppli is a Professor of Finance and the Bell Chair in Real Estate at Marquette University. Professor Eppli is widely published in a range of commercial real estate topics and is coauthor of the bestselling real estate development text in the nation. Prior to obtaining his doctorate, he worked in commercial real estate for PM Realty Advisors and GE Capital. He has served as a consultant to a number of finance, real estate, and government entities. Professor Eppli received awards from Greater Washington Urban League and the Urban Land Institute for his efforts to attract minorities to the real estate profession. In January 2012, Professor Eppli was appointed independent board member for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics.

Hi professional interests include shopping center economics, single-family house pricing, commercial mortgage default, new urbanism, smart growth, and commercial real estate development.

He has been widely published including his text: Real Estate Development: Principles and Process, fourth edition, Washington, DC: Urban Land Institute (2007), coauthors Mike E. Miles, Gayle L. Berens, and Marc A. Weiss; and Valuing the New Urbanism, Washington, DC: Urban Land Institute (1999), co-author Charles C. Tu.

Mark was a Research Fellow with the Urban Land Institute from  2004-2010. A board member with the Real Estate Research Institute from 2005-present. He is also a current board member of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation – Milwaukee. 

Dr. Krause concluded, "Mark Eppli is a special professor within the College of Business. We are very fortunate to have him at Marquette. Thanks, Mark, the students and I appreciate your knowledge and insights."

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