Friday, December 23, 2016

Oh my, how the times have changed. Jim Bianco shows how securities trading has changed since 2008 (check out the pictures)!

Jim Bianco of Bianco Research recently suggested that UBS' former trading floor be turned into an Arena football field.  What are some other ideas - roller derby, WNBA, Big East Lacrosse, beach volleyball, storage area for the Macy's Day balloons, etc.? Check out the pictures below...

  • The Wall Street Journal – World’s Largest Trading Floor Put on the Block
    Firm is hired to sell mortgage of former UBS office complex in Connecticut; sale expected at cut rateFor sale cheap: the world’s largest trading floor.  The property was part of a lavish development in Stamford, Conn., in the 1990s designed to lure what was then Swiss Bank Corp. and thousands of workers away from New York.  Soaring 40 feet high, the trading floor was bigger than a football field, unimpeded by columns and soon filled with hundreds of stock, bond and currency traders.  Now the office complex and its once-iconic trading floor are both mostly empty and up for grabs.  CW Capital Asset Management, the servicer that controls the $149.4 million mortgage on the 712,000-square-foot complex near the Stamford train station, has hired Mission Capital Advisors to put the debt on the block, according to people familiar with the matter.

UBS Trading Floor in Stamford, CT (2008)

Former UBS Trading Floor (2016)

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