Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dan Fuss of Loomis Sayles is the fixed income equivalent of LeBron James - he's that good!

If LeBron James is the king of basketball - then Dan Fuss is the bond king.

There are several big name fixed income portfolio managers who get plenty of media coverage (i.e. Jeffrey Gundlach, Bill Gross, and Dan Ivascyn); however, Dan Fuss of Loomis Sayles has consistently been one of the best bond fund managers over the long-term. He's a pro's pro. (Note: In the picture below, Mr. Fuss is the one without the basketball).

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Dan Fuss of Loomis Sayles

While I am biased, since Mr. Fuss is a prominent alumnus and supporter of Marquette University's Applied Investment Management (AIM) program, his record speaks for itself. The performance and key statistics (as of 3/31/17) for the Loomis Sayles Bond Fund (ticker: LSBDX) are shown below - and again reveal that he's the top bond fund performer.

Not only is Mr. Fuss one of the world's longest serving fixed income fund managers, but he might be the best. While his 1-year performance is ranked at the top, his 10, 20 and 30-year numbers are also in the top 5 percentile.

Dan Fuss has worked within the investment industry nearly sixty years after earning his BS and MBA from Marquette University. He also served in the US Navy from 1955 to 1958 - and he is currently the vice chairman of Loomis Sayles. (Clicking on the images  below will enlarge them).

Loomis Sayles Bond Fund (LSBDX)

Dan Fuss and David Krause

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