Saturday, July 18, 2020

Amazing example of real-time data analytics and visualization using Covid-19 data

This summer I am teaching an online FinTech course and we are covering the use of big data, analytics, visualization etc. And I just came across this site which I shared with the students as an example:

This is a truly amazing site that Georgia Tech has created. It provides a real-time Covid-19 assessment tool. For example, take any 'event' size or number of people by county. I used 25, a possible school class size, and the site gives the probability of one person testing positive in the group. For 25 students in Milwaukee county, the probability today is 61%! The numbers are updated constantly based on information coming into CDC and other sites. 

Run this app before you attend the dinner party or small gathering you are considering tonight - it might change your mind about going out until this pandemic has passed. I'm not trying to be political here, I'm just pointing out that I'll continue to use science and data analytics to help make intelligent decisions.