Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The next class of students in Marquette’s AIM program will receive their sector assignments before the beginning of the spring semester

Students in Marquette’s Applied Investment Management program have been managing real money for the University since 2005. To date the AIM program has provided over 130 undergraduate students with the knowledge and tools necessary to actively manage three investment funds: 1) small cap equity, 2) international equity, and 3) fixed income portfolios.

Dr. Krause, AIM program director, said, “On April 1st the Class of 2013 will assume the responsibility for managing the three AIM funds. Presently, each of the new students in the class will be expected to read the investment policy statement and agree to the duties and responsibilities associated with managing the AIM portfolios. Before the fall semester ends we will be attempting to identify the sector each student will be assigned. We’ll then match them up with the seniors in the Class of 2012 who are presently managing the portfolios. This should enable for a much smoother transition than prior years…. and it will also allow the seniors and juniors to collaborate on investment analyses and presentations early in the spring semester.”

The students enrolled in the AIM program are interested in pursuing careers as buy- and sell-side research analysts, financial advisors, and investment bankers. Dr. Krause added, “Our curriculum is based on the CFA’s core body of knowledge and helps to prepare students to take and pass the CFA exams. AIM is highly applied in nature and the student-managed portfolios are an essential component of the program.”

AIM students learn about accounting and investments in their core courses and then have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a summer internship. Dr. Krause commented, “The students also have an opportunity to manage real portfolios which allows them to carry out the duties of research analysts and portfolio managers. When our students graduate they have practical investment experience and strong academic training – and they are ready to pass the CFA level I exam and begin their career as entry-level investment analysts. Because of Marquette’s emphasis on theology, philosophy and ethics, our students also develop strong critical thinking and analysis skills.”

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