Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jim Kitzinger of KLCM visited the AIM class this week

On Wednesday, September 23rd, Jim Kitzinger (CFA, CPA) visited the AIM class to talk about his firm’s investment strategy and process. He is a Principal and  Portfolio Manager at KLCM, an independent, registered investment advisory firm located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Kitzinger has over 30 years of investment experience.

He discussed KLCM’s equity investment philosophy and process by saying that they are bottom up stock pickers and focus on out of favor and neglected companies. They believe that cash flow is critical for shareholders and valuation – and to protect the downside. They seek firms that possess a catalyst to drive earnings and to realize value.

Consistent with the approach taken by students in the AIM program, KLCM’s process is driven by intensive research; an understanding of company and industry drivers; clear and achievable management objectives; and seek favorable risk/reward supported by valuation disciplines. They run concentrated portfolios of 25 to 30 stocks and will add to and trim positions to take advantage of market volatility and to manage risk.

The students asked questions and had an opportunity to talk with Mr. Kitzinger in more detail after class. We appreciate the efforts of local portfolio managers to visit our classroom – these meetings keep the ‘applied’ in the AIM program.

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