Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Credit Analyst Program Info Session Held on Friday, 9/18/15 in AIM Room

Sean Morrissey (AIM 2014)
On Friday, September 18, 2015, an information session was held in the AIM room by Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Nicholas Cheng, CFA, Vice President, Global Banking & Markets, and Sean Morrissey (Marquette AIM 2014), Analyst, Global Banking & Markets.   They presented background information about the Global Banking and Market (GBAM) 3-year Credit Risk Analyst Program. 

Sean and Nich helped the students in attendance understand GBAM’s approach to evaluating credit risk. They discussed the analyst program as an opportunity for entry level employees to work with bankers, product specialists and clients to structure and underwrite financing solutions and manage overall client risk. 

The session was well attended and the students are now better prepared for their September 25th interviews with BAML. It was good to have Sean and Nick of BAML back on campus – we appreciate the partnership with Marquette.


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