Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mr. Jim Runde visited Marquette University today to disucss his new book, Unequaled

Jim Runde, Marquette alumnus and legendary Morgan Stanley investment banker, addressed students on the importance of 'emotional intelligence'

Milwaukee - February 21, 2017
Today, Jim Runde, addressed Marquette University students about the message contained within his new book, Unequaled. According to Amazon,  Runde's view is that “the real secret to career success and what it takes to get ahead is EQ (emotional quotient).” Mr. Runde’s Unequaled “is the client service professional's guide to getting ahead and achieving professional goals.”

Mr. James Runde at Marquette University

In two separate presentations, Runde told the AIM program students, as well as other Marquette business students, that they need to find ways to distinguish themselves in order to get ahead -  that simply being good at academics is not enough to succeed on the job.

Mr. Runde talked about the importance of young professionals honing their soft skills including: networking, client connections, emotional intelligence, and enhancing their personal reputations. His presentations, which were based on his new book, offer a frank and honest guide to what it really takes to succeed in the finance industry. According to Dr. David Krause, AIM program director, "Mr. Runde's talks were packed with insights, tips and stories drawn from his 42 years at Morgan Stanley in New York. It was an honor to feature him at Marquette today."

The students learned about how to succeed from Mr. Runde, including examples about how to lead, when to follow, and how to build their reputation. In short, they learned valuable lessons about what it takes to get ahead in today’s business world.

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