Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Flipped Classroom Grant Received by AIM Program

The AIM Program Recently Received a Marquette College of Business Administration Faculty Development Support Grant for a ‘Flipped Classroom’

On July 26, 2017, the dean of  Marquette’s COBA, Brian Till, announced faculty development support awards to various Marquette professors; including Dr. David Krause and the AIM program. The grant submission was for FINA 4320 (the second AIM course which is focused on investment research and valuation). 

Krause wrote that the reason for seeking the grant was to continue to provide relevant curriculum and assessment in an on-line format allowing more time for applied learning and outside speakers during class meeting time. The grant will be received and implemented in the fall 2017 semester.

Dr. Krause stated, “We are thankful for receiving the grant. While we have been employing many variations of the flipped classroom since AIM was created in 2005, it is useful to formalize the process and to receive funding to continue integrating technology into the curriculum. The purpose of this grant is to further the process of working with SS&C Technologies.”

SS&C TechnologiesSS&C Technologies (ticker: SSNC) is the parent company of SS&C Learning Solutions (formerly Zoologic) http://www.ssctech.com/li/Home.aspx. The firm offers a deep and rich curriculum of the critical subject areas in investments and the financial services industry. Krause added, “SS&C Learning Institute’s courses provide a strong conceptual foundation and work well with the AIM program – we look forward to working with them this semester and beyond.”

The AIM program has been employing active learning techniques the past decade. Experiential learning has been shown to improve the classroom experience, leading to higher student success rates and greater student engagement. 

Krause said, “Flipping a classroom sounds easy, but an effective flip requires careful preparation and the right on-line curriculum. While a flipped classroom puts greater responsibility for learning on the students, the benefit is that it provides them with more room for relevant, applied learning in the classroom. This leads to a shift in priorities, allowing AIM classroom time to move from merely covering material to working toward mastery of it. The ability to bring in outside speakers and to have more student presentations is valuable.”