Monday, November 27, 2017

Marquette Finance Students in NYC - The October 2017 FMA / New York City Trip was Again a Success

Dr. David Krause was jointed by Assistant Dean Terrian and Jeff Germanotta – along with 30 Marquette finance students – for the 14th FMA / NYC trip!

Fall 2017 NYC Trip Members (New York Stock Exchange Floor)

Dr. David Krause (Director of Marquette’s Applied Investment Management program) and 30 finance students were joined during their annual New York City trip by the COBA Assistant Dean, Dr. Joe Terrian. In addition, Finance Lecturer, Jeff Germanotta, also accompanied Dr. Krause and FMA President, Joseph Amoroso, with Marquette finance students as they visited NYC investment banks and asset managers over fall break. 

Dr. Krause said,
“The students and I appreciated having Assistant Dean Terrian and Mr. Germanotta as a part of the group during our New York experience. I know the students appreciated their involvement.  This is a special trip and I know Joe and Jeff enjoyed their time with the students.”

Krause added, “Michele Galioto, Marquette’s Regional Advancement Director in New York was also with us the entire time. Michele is invaluable member of the team given her understanding of NYC and her close work with our New York based alumni. She also played an important role in making the trip a success once again.”

Everyone stayed in the heart of Manhattan at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel and enjoyed the close proximity to major New York attractions. “While our busy schedule kept students focused on visits to major investment banks and asset managers, we still found time to view Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, 5th Avenue, and other landmarks,” Dr. Krause added.
The visits on Wednesday afternoon included stops at Morgan Stanley, SS&C Technologies and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This was followed at an Marquette alumni reception at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, hosted by John Barrett.

“We had another good visit with Armintas Sinkevicius of Morgan Stanley’s Equity Research group, as well as with Berent Kowarick of Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management group. We also had an opportunity to hear from their campus recruiting team about internship opportunities. It was a good first visit and allowed the students an opportunity to hear from two of our younger alumni,” Krause commented.

The students then headed south to visit SS&C Technologies, a Connecticut based software and technology provider for the financial services industry. In the trips’ 14 year history, this marked the first visit to a FinTech firm. SS&C Technologies was founded by Marquette University alumnus, Bill Stone, and he remains the company’s Chairman and CEO. The AIM program has recently implement SS&C Learning Institute’s Zoologic web-based solutions into its curriculum. Dr. Krause said, “The AIM program has had a keen focus on FinTech for the fall semester so it was a valuable experience to visit SS&C – a leader in financial technology. The students really enjoyed learning about the company’s new wave of innovative learning technologies”.

                    Marquette students during a visit to SS&C Technologies

 The last visit of the day was to nearby Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This was a special visit with John Barrett which included a special presentation from Faiz Ahmad, a senior leader in the bank’s capital markets group. The students then had an opportunity to discuss a M&A case study with, Mr. Barrett, Tom Kruse and Ross Michler - all Marquette alumni. Additionally, recent AIM graduates, Tyler Sucharzewski and Haney Fam joined the presentation.

Dr. Krause said
, “Our alumni at BAML put together a fantastic visit. Besides the presentations of a senior leader, the case study was a great idea. John Barrett and Jeff Germanotta had conversations about this prior to the visit – and it paid dividends. This was a great way to give students a deeper understanding of the roles in which investment bankers and corporate bankers serve.”

The students then proceed to the 51st floor of One Bryant Part (Bank of America Tower) for this year’s Marquette Finance Student & Alumni Reception.  Dr. Krause said, “We were pleased to be the guests of John Barrett and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Not only were the views amazing, but it was a wonderful evening of Marquette fellowship and celebration. We are fortunate to have the support of many great friends and alumni – it was a fantastic networking event for the students and young alumni.”

View from the 51st Floor of Bank of America Tower

The first visit on Thursday morning was at BNP Paribas. Alumni at the firm include Louis Moran, Hendrik van der Zandt, Connor Muth and Jack Casey, and Brett Stuck. “We heard from Louis, Connor and Brett as well as numerous high-level members of the bank’s capital markets team. BNP Paribas has long been one of the strongest supporters of Marquette and the AIM program. We deeply value that relationship and again enjoyed the opportunity to visit for the morning BNP,” added Krause.

After visiting the Paris-based global investment bank, the students walked down the street for a visit to Barclays. Alumnus Dan Gaide presented on the company’s equity research group and hosted a networking reception for the students.

Dr. Krause said, “This was our first trip back to Barclays in many years and the students really enjoyed the visit. The students appreciated hearing from Dan and speaking to him and his fellow analysts in the networking hour following the presentation.”

AIM Seniors enjoy lunch on the go between visits at Barclays and SocGe

From Barclays, the students headed west to Société Générale. There, we were met by Guido van Hauwermeiren, MU parent and AIM supporter, and Joe Kennedy, AIM alumni. The students then had the opportunity to hear from Guido and then from Joe and two of his peers. Dr. Krause added, “It is always a treat for the students to hear from Guido and this visit did not disappoint. The students were then able to hear from a group of younger analysts which gave students greater insight into life on Wall Street in the years proceeding college.

Again on the move, the group headed across Park Avenue to J.P. Morgan. Current Marquette alumni at JPM include Gerry Madigan, Ryan Loftus, Christina Starkey, Demetrius Liston, Mariano Sanz, Vanessa Foltinger Garcia and Kevin Cobb. Gerry hosted the large group in a conference overlooking his trading floor where the students had an opportunity to learn firsthand about the firm and the different functional areas represented at the gathering.  

After a long day, the group then headed back to Time Square where Dr. Krause took students on a walking tour of NYC to see many of the city’s sights. These included Time Square, Columbus Circle, Central Park, 5th Avenue, Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center.

Marquette students at 30 Rock in Manhattan, a stop on Dr. Krause’s Thursday evening walking tour

On Friday morning the students and Dr. Krause started the day at hedge fund - Balyasny Asset Management, with New York offices in the famous GM Tower. Scott Schroeder, alumnus, current Marquette trustee and co-founder of BAM – along with Jack Sullivan, analyst and AIM alumnus – organized the event. 

Jack Sullivan explained his role and responsibilities as a consumer goods analyst and then proceeded to bring in numerous speakers to talk about the different functions within the hedge fund, including portfolio management, trading, business development, and data analytics.

Dr. Krause said, “Many of the students indicated to me after the visit to Balyasny that this was one of the major highlights of the trip. The firm’s culture is very unique – with an enormous amount of collegiality and cooperation. You could see that people at BAM genuinely enjoy working there and function well as a team.”
During their visit, Dr. Krause met Michael Bloomberg

 The students then made the short walk to Bloomberg tower. Breaking into small groups, the students were taken on a tour of the global media and financial services giant. The students had a special treat as they had an opportunity to hear from Tom Keene and Charlie Pellett, both a veteran Bloomberg Radio news anchors. Mr. Pellett is also known as NYC’s most recognizable voice where he famously sounds, “Please Stand Clear of the Closing Doors” on the NYC subway system. The Marquette students then had the opportunity to travel to one of the top floors of the famous NYC skyscraper and view Central Park and Midtown Manhattan and enjoy snacks and drinks.

The AIM program is a Bloomberg subscriber and Bill Gottlieb served as the host demonstrating the newest features and functions of the information system. Specifically, the team presented to students on new features that aggregate news and social media data from around the world to inform investors.
Next the students had to navigate the NYC subway system in order to reach lower Manhattan, but not before Dr. Krause had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Bloomberg himself for a brief moment in the lobby of Bloomberg tower following our visit.

Oculus Station
Upon exiting at the Fulton Street station, the students had the opportunity to walk through the newly finished Path Station, also known as Oculus, and up into the Brookfield Place winter garden for a short break before the final visit of the trip, RBC Capital Markets.

The alumni hosts at RBCCM included Jason Spacek, Les Vowell, James Bergin, Michael O’Carroll, and Colleen Osborne as well as Anna Toshach from neighboring OppenheimerFunds. RBC graciously provided lunch for the students and a short break after a busy morning of visits and travel. The visit again afforded students an opportunity to learn more about different functions areas of a major investment bank and hear from the banks recruiting team.

MU Student on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Thanks to alumnus, Shari Noonan, Marquette alumnus and CEO of Rialto Trading, the students were again given the opportunity to be on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to witness the closing bell. Dr. Krause said, “It was a great opportunity for student to see the floor of the exchange, the last of its kind, on a busy Expiration Friday”. After the close, the students were given tours and had the opportunity to speak directly with many of the floor traders. The students then had a chance encounter with Tom Farley, President of the NYSE. He spoke to students about the vision and purpose of the NYSE which enables entrepreneurs to raise capital that will help them in making their dreams and ideas become realities and to improve the world and heighten the quality of life for global citizens. 

MU Students with NYSE President, Tom Farley, on the floor of the NYSE

Marquette AIM student, Adam Hamilton, then had the chance to speak with Tom Farley individually. Both Adam and Mr. Farley attended to the same high school, Gonzaga College High School, in Washington D.C. and bonded as fellow Purple Eagles.

MU Senior, Adam Hamilton, with NYSE President, Tom Farley 

After visiting the NYSE, students took the opportunity to see sights in the financial district such as the Bull, Fearless Girl, and Battery Park. After another short walking tour, students returned via subway to the Sheraton Times Square where they enjoyed their free time. While most hit the town during the rest of the evening, they were in the lobby early on Saturday morning and on their way to LaGuardia Airport and back to Milwaukee by early afternoon.

Dr. Krause said, "This was again another outstanding trip – and it was all made possible through the support of our NYC Marquette alumni group. In addition to the pre-visit work done by Michele Galioto and Joseph Amoroso. We’d also like to thank Assistant Dean Terrian for joining us this year." 

"We are all extremely thankful for this special opportunity to visit NYC. Our alumni are fantastic – they go out of their way to open up their firms and allow our students to experience the workplace and corporate culture - it is an amazing opportunity for our students. I know for some that this visit is a career altering event," Dr. Krause said.