Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Marquette University AIM students will be posting common stock updates daily during the winter break

AIM Equity Student-Managed Fund: Stock Updates

The students in Marquette’s Applied Investment Management (AIM) program are responsible for managing two equity funds which are a part of the University’s endowment. The equity portfolios consist of the following:

·       AIM Small Cap Equity Fund (Russell 2000 benchmark)

·       AIM International Equity Fund (Russell Global benchmark)

Each student is assigned an industry sector and is responsible for following the existing holdings within that portion of the portfolio. They are expected to monitor the stocks currently held and to offer periodic recommendations to add new holdings and remove existing ones as market conditions warrant.

Each day for the next month during the students’ winter break an update of a stock currently in the AIM Equity funds will be highlighted on the AIM blog. The purpose of these postings is to info their classmates (including the juniors who will be entering the AIM program in January 2016) about the current status of a stock they are responsible for following.

These updates are slightly different from the normal AIM stock write-ups and would be closer to the type of research most retail investors would read in Seeking Alpha or Morningstar. Typically during the semester the students are expected to write their recommendations in a format that would be viewed by an institutional investor.

Starting today, over the course of the winter break one new stock write-up will be posted on the AIM blog (http://aimprogramblog.blogspot.com/). AIM students, alumni and others are encouraged to post comments about the stock update.

Disclosure: The AIM Equity Funds currently hold positions in these stocks. The articles written by the students express their own opinions. The students do not receive any compensation for these articles and they have no business relationships with any companies whose stock is mentioned in these articles. Marquette University does not endorse the opinions expressed by the students who have authored these articles.

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