Thursday, December 17, 2015

Peter De Keyzer (BNP Paribas Chief Economist / Chief of Policy) visited Marquette University on December 17 and addressed over 40 students and faculty

DeKeyzer speaking at Marquette University

On Thursday, December 17, Dr. Peter DeKeyzer (BNP Paribas Chief Economist / Chief of Policy) spoke to over 40 AIM and Economics students and faculty at Marquette University. Christian Bartley (Marquette alumnus) helped to arrange Mr. DeKeyzer’s visit.

Dr. DeKeyzer is a well-known Belgian economist who was awarded the 2014 Prize for Liberty Laureate. He lectures 
at the University of Antwerp. 

DeKeyzer is the author of “
Growth Makes You Happy – An Optimist’s View of Progress and the Free Market”. To obtain additional background on Dr. DeKeyzer, please refer to his Wikipedia page
David Krause, Peter DeKeyzer, Christian Bartley, and Joe Daniels

DeKeyzer talked on various topics such as: growth in Europe; impact of the refugees entering various countries; current monetary policy; changing European demographics; the Greece and Great Britain situations; and the outlook for the European Union in the long term. Students had the opportunity to dialogue with DeKeyzer on these and other topics. 
Peter DeKeyzer and Dustin Hwang
Dr. David Krause commented, “It was a delight hosting Peter. His knowledge was both broad and deep. He possessed complete command of current geo-political and economic topics, as well as historical knowledge and context. The students and faculty were fortunate to hear from Dr. DeKeyzer --- it was a great way to end the fall semester.” DeKeyzer's thoughts about the economic outlook of the Europe economy was well received by the students.

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