Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Northwest Passage Capital Advisors investment team visited Dr. Krause's Fixed Income class

Rocio Diaz, Will Slaughter, and Mike McGuire
On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, a team (including Will Slaughter, Michael McGuire and Rocio Diaz) from Northwest Passage Capital Advisors presented in Dr. Krause’s Fixed Income class. The firm is an active fixed income investment company focused on emerging markets debt. Northwest Passage advises institutional clients on blended USD/local currency emerging market mandates on a separate account basis, delivering "core-plus" exposure to the EMBI, CEMBI, and GBI-EM emerging market debt universes on a customized basis.

Jeff Deangelis, a long-time friend of the AIM program, is a Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of Northwest Passage. The firm’s principals have over 50 years of direct investing experience in fixed income and emerging markets, and bring a focused top-down sovereign credit approach to our investment process. Founded in 2013, the firm currently manages more than $750 million in client assets.
Slaughter and Diaz in the classroom

Will Slaughter, CFA, a Partner / Senior Portfolio Manager, obtained his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in Analytic & Economics. Graduating with high honors, Will’s dual concentration emphasized international macroeconomics and mathematical finance. He has extensive experience in fixed income asset pricing, interest rate models, and derivatives. He also obtained a M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Alabama, Huntsville and a B.A., Engineering/ Physical Sciences from Harvard College University.

As a co-founder and lead portfolio manager for Northwest Passage Capital Advisors, Will talked to the AIM students about investment grade sovereign and quasi-sovereign credit. He emphasized their focus on flexibility and how to add value through tactical allocations to EM high yield and/or local currency government bonds.    
Mike McGuire

Michael McGuire is a Principal with Northwest Passage Capital Advisors. A co-founder and Research Director, Mike brings considerable investment experience to the team. He previously worked for Stark Investments, where in assisted the Lead Portfolio Manager in daily portfolio adjustments and idea maintenance for a $3.5B multi-asset class book. Mike had interned with Mason Street Advisors and the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

While pursuing has Masters in Applied Economics at Marquette, Mike was Dr. Krause’s Graduate Assistant for the Applied Investment Management Program for two years. His Master's thesis was titled, “The Daily Determinants of Emerging Market CDS Spreads.” Dr. Krause, who was a member of his thesis committee, stated that “Mike’s research was one of the best work products I have seen over the years at Marquette. His use of econometric modeling and the selection of his independent variables was impressive. He identified some interesting relationships that will likely help Northwest Passage obtain alpha. I was pleased to be a member of his committee; it was high quality work.”

McGuire, Slaughter, Diaz and Krause
Rocio Diaz also spoke to Dr. Krause’s Fixed Income class. She is an Investment Analyst with Northwest Passage Capital Advisors. Rocio graduated from Marquette University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance (AIM program) and International Business, Cum Laude. Rocio works on projects relevant to current portfolio holdings and presents potential investment ideas to the investment team.  She had previously been an intern with the firm and with Cascade Investments/BMGI. In addition, Rocio was an accounting Intern with Telefonía Pública y Privada S.A., in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rocio is a Level II CFA candidate.

This was the second year that the group came to campus to present and meet with students. Dr. Krause said, “I know that the students enjoyed hearing from this group. Discussions about geo-politics and macro-economics are interesting – especially when it involves emerging markets. The students were very impressed with the depth of knowledge that Will, Mike and Rocio possess. It was fun having them back on campus.”
Northwest Passage Capital Advisors

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