Sunday, April 9, 2017

AIM Class of 2017 Posts Strong Fixed Income Performance - 34 bps of Alpha!

The AIM Fixed Income Fund Surpassed the Benchmark for the Fiscal Year Ending on 3/31/2017

While the active-passive debate continues in the investment industry, the one year performance of the Marquette AIM Program students in the Class of 2017 soundly outperformed their benchmarks for the Fixed Income Fund. (click on the tables to enlarge).

So how did the AIM Class of 2017 fare on a risk-return basis regarding the Fixed Income Fund? 
The students had an excellent 12 month performance since assuming responsibility for managing the AIM Fixed Income Fund on 4/1/2016 – posting strong excess returns versus the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index (0.78% vs. 0.44%) – as well as beating the two other benchmarks. 

Besides posting a strong Sharpe Ratio (.14 versus .02 for the primary benchmark), the AIM Fixed Income Fund generated a positive Alpha of 0.34 and an impressive Information Ratio of 0.54 over the one year holding period (ending 3/31/2017). Their short duration strategy - which they implemented in October 2016 - was largely successful in generating the excess risk-adjusted returns.

AIM Fixed Income Fund Cumulative Performance
for the AIM Class of 2017

AIM Fixed Income Fund Holdings as of 3/31/2017

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