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The fourth set of stock pitches by the AIM Class of 2018 were delivered on 4/28/2017 in the AIM Room before 60 students

The 4th Set of Marquette AIM Equity Fund pitches for the Class of 2018 were presented on Friday, April 28, 2017 in the AIM Room 

Students from James Madison High School attended the AIM pitches

This past week, the fourth set of stock recommendations were presented by students in the AIM Class of 2018.  The pitches were presented in the College of Business Administration's AIM Room and over 60 students were in attendance (including nearly 30 high school students from James Madison Academic Campus). This is the second year that the students visited the AIM program.

Knight-5000x5000James Madison Academic Campus, located on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, is a comprehensive high school (Grades 9 through 12). JMAC offers a challenging curriculum of highly rigorous classes that includes AP English Literature, AP Statistics, AP US History, Honors English, Honors World History, Restorative Justice, Robotics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and the NAF Academy. 

In addition to the JMAC and AIM students in attendance, more than 20 people viewed the AIM presentations via webcast throughout the afternoon. The AIM students were also joined by Brent Adams, an AIM alumnus. Mr. Bill Walker and students in the AIM Classes of 2017 and 2018 asked excellent questions of the student-presenters and offered many useful observations and comments.
Brooke Porath pitched Ollie's (OLLI)
Brooke Porath was the first AIM presenter of the afternoon – and she pitched Ollie’s (ticker OLLI), an emerging retailer in the consumer discretionary sector. Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "I was pleased that the students from James Madison high school we were able to watch Brooke present her stock. I know they were impressed with the Q&A session and how Brooke answered the students questions about the stock recommendation.” 

Dr. Krause added, “This was an impressive set of presentations and the write-ups again were quite strong - and the students were well prepared. The first four groups of presenters have started the Class of 2018 on a positive note. We’ll have one more set of presentations next week – the last day of the semester."

Grant Runnoe, Cameron Butler, Timothy Donovan,
Armando Avila, Lauryn Trautmann,
Alex Czachor, and Jacob Schwister

This week’s equity write-ups can be found at:

Brooke Porath, Grant Runnoe, Cameron Butler, Timothy Donovan, Armando Avila, Lauryn Trautmann, Alex Czachor, and Jacob Schwister from the Class of 2018 pitched their stock recommendations as potential additions to Marquette’s AIM Equity Funds. Ballots will be sent to students in the AIM Class of 2018 to determine which stocks are added to the funds; a 2/3rd affirmative vote is required.

Students in the AIM program manage over $2,500,000 of the University's endowment. Balloting will take place over the weekend to determine which of the stocks listed above will be added to the AIM Funds.
Jacob Schwister pitched Jazz Pharmaceuticals (ticker JAZZ)

The AIM student equity pitches take place each Friday afternoon during the semester – either in the AIM Room or at a local investment company. The students prepare and distribute a professional equity write-up (note: every AIM write-up since the inception of the program in 2005 is archived here). 

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