Saturday, April 23, 2011

AIM Class of 2012 Assumes Portfolio Responsibilities and Makes Their First Stock Pitches

Dr. David Krause, Applied Investment Management director, said, "Thus far the AIM Class of 2012 student equity presentations have been successful. The first three sets of student pitches were well received and six of the stocks have already been added to the AIM Fund."

Entering the portfolio from the Heartland Advisors presentation were: American Campus Communities (ACC); WuXi PharaTech (WX); and Sensient Technologies (SXT). The stocks from the Timpani presentation selected into the AIM Fund were: Rio Tinto (RIO); Sotheby's (BID); and DoMoCo (DMC). The three stocks presented on April 20th in the AIM room will soon be voted upon by the students in the Class of 2012, who assumed responsibilities for the portfolio as of April 1.

The following contains the listing of the five sets of presentations to be delivered before the end of the spring semester:

In Chicago on Friday, April 29th, eight students will present the following stocks.

Finally, on Friday, May 6th at 2 pm, the following students will be making the final AIM equity presentations of the semester (in the AIM Room and on-line). These students, also in the Class of 2012, are still in the process of evaluating the stocks they are going to be presenting.

All past AIM equity write-ups since the inception of the program in 2005 can be viewed and searched at the AIM web site. Dr. Krause said, "We continue to work to enable our student presentations to be viewed on-line via video-conferencing. Stay tuned for more information as to how you can join us remotely for the May 6th presentations."

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