Saturday, April 16, 2011

The AIM International Equity Fund Performance and Portfolio Measures as of the end of Q1 2011

The following contains information about the AIM International Equity Fund Performance and Holdings as of Q1 2011. It is shown below that the since its inception (9/20/2008) the AIM Intl Equity Fund has outperformed the benchmark (S&P ADR Index). During the past year, the AIM Class of 2011  outperformed the benchmark by over 400 bps.

The tables below display the investment size and style of the International AIM Fund. As shown below, the fund is style balanced and tilted toward large cap stocks.

The table belows indicates that the portfolio is overweighted in Canadian stocks and underweighted in Japanese and United Kingdom stocks. 

The AIM International Equity Fund is overweighted in emerging market equities - primarily Chinese and Latin American stocks.

The IAIM Fund's sector allocations are shown below. While some individual sectors are underweighted, the super sectors are fairly well balanced.

The fund's top 10 holdings are shown below.

All of the three AIM Funds are contained in the Morningstar database and the holdings and performance are updated monthly. The information can be viewed by accessing the Separate Accounts section of Morningstar Advisor or Morningstar Direct.

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