Monday, April 25, 2011

AIM Goes to Chicago - Follow Future Equity Presentations Live on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

On Friday April 29th, the AIM students in the Class of 2012 will take their equity presentations on the road to the Marquette alumni and investment professionals in Chicago.

The order of presentations is listed in the table below.  Our thanks to Jennifer Sloan and the Marquette Team in Chicago for their hospitality and support of the AIM program. If you wish to attend, you can obtain additional details and RSVP at the following link.

Student Name
Stock Name
Tom Kelly
Senior Mentor:
David Zakutansky
Acacia Research Corp.
Jeff Hoffmeyer
Senior Mentor:
Tim O'Donnell
Bank of Marin Bancorp
Colleen Osborne
Senior Mentor:
Peter Stucki
Ebix Inc.
Harrison Davis
Senior Mentor:
Shannon Lawton
Exact Science Corp.
Sajid Bhimani
Senior Mentors:
Christina Starkey and
Ethan Matter
Giant Interactive
James Carlson
Senior Mentor:
Kyle Boser
Nelnet Inc.
Nick Hiller
Senior Mentor:
Andrew Freedman
Omnivision Technology
Dan Leibforth
Senior Mentors:
Kristin Holzhauer and Mark Rutherford
Horsehead Holdings Corp.

Notice: You can now follow the AIM program on a variety of social media. Future presentations will be covered and posted live on Twitter. Follow the links below to choose your favorite social media source for the latest on the AIM program:

Website: MarquetteBuz/AIM

Twitter: Marquette AIM

Facebook: Marquette AIM

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