Monday, December 4, 2017

The Fall Semester AIM / FMA Trip to Chicago was Again a Success

Dr. David Krause and Bill Walker led 40 Marquette finance students – for the Fall 2017 FMA / AIM Chicago trip!

Fall 2017 Chicago Trip Members

Dr. David Krause (Director of Marquette’s Applied InvestmentManagement program) led 40 finance students on the annual fall semester trip to Chicago. In addition, AIM Program Executive Co-Teacher, Bill Walker, accompanied Dr. Krause - along with FMA President, Joseph Amoroso, and forty finance students as they visited asset managers on December 1, 2017. 

Dr. Krause added, “Tim Brady, Marquette’s Regional Advancement Director in Chicago joined us for the second half of the trip. It was great to have Tim given his close work with our Chicago based alumni.”

The visits on Friday included stops at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange / Chicago Board of Trade, the Union League Club and Ziegler Capital Management. The day started early as student met before sunrise for the trip down to Chicago. "We had a treat to start the morning with a visit to the CME/CBOT to visit with alumnus Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research, and CNBC on-air commentator, Rick Santelli," Krause commented.

Rick Santelli, CNBC On-Air Editor reporting live f
rom the floor of the CME/CBOT

The students had the unique opportunity to walk through the floor of the historic exchange which has been closed to visitors for the past several years. Jim Bianco and Rick Santelli gave the students an overview of the exchange’s history and even its future, with the introduction Bitcoin futures in late December. Rick then gave students his thoughts on the Tax bill after his on-air conversation with former US Congressman– Alan Simpson.

Image result for cnbc santelli bianco
Rick Santelli and Jim Bianco at CME/CBOT

“The students really enjoyed hearing from Rick and Jim, both colorful personalities, and we thank them for working to allow the students to visit the floor and for sharing their views on the market.” Dr. Krause commented. "It was amazing that many of the students have visited both the NYSE and CME/CBOT within the past several weeks!"

Floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT/CME)


From there, the students walked over to the Union League Club on W. Jackson Boulevard, where four AIM students pitched stocks and we were joined by recent AIM graduates, Steve Hoffman, Anthony DiSanto, and Casey McClelland. All AIM write-ups can be found here.


                          MU Students, Adam Hamilton and Ronnie Terry, 
                      pitching a stock at the Union League Club in Chicago 


AIM Equity Presentations Friday, December 1, 2017
Presenter Sector Company Name Ticker Protogee
Adam Hamilton Intl Financial BBVA Banco Frances S.A. BFR Ronnie Terry
James Hannack REIT QTS Realty Trust QTS Nick Tenuta
Brian Holland Intl Healthcare Alkermes PLC ALKS Nick Longo
Jacob Schwister Healthcare Aclaris Therapeutics ACRS Jack Senft


MU Students, Jacob Schwister and Jack Senft,
pitching a stock at the Union League Club in Chicago

Dr. Krause said, “The students and our guests enjoyed a nice working lunch as two international and two small cap stocks were pitched. We also enjoyed our two keynote alumni speakers: Tom Digenan, Head of US Intrinsic Value Equities at UBS Asset Management, and Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research. They spoke to the students about a range of topics including financial bubbles. Both our speakers has very pointed and experience-driven remarks to share with the students that I know they all found to be both interesting and valuable.”

Tom Digenan of UBS spoke to the Marquette students


Tom Digenan (UBS) spoke to students about his experience during previous asset bubbles and identified ways to look for potential bubbles in the markets. Additionally, with numerous AIM students taking the CFA Exam on Saturday 12/2, Tom, who is actively involved with the CFA Society of Chicago, shared information and material about the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

The Marquette University AIM Program is a CFA Partner Program and incorporates the CFA body of knowledge into the programs curriculum. The AIM Program was the first undergraduate program to be labeled a Partner Program ofthe CFA.

Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research, 
speaking to students at the Union League Club

Jim Bianco has frequently joined Dr. Krause and the AIM students at the Union League Club as a keynote speaker. Jim spoke about the rapid advancements of technology and how that is rapidly reshaping our world and the investment industry. He also elaborated on his comments from the CME/CBOT regarding bubbles in the markets and the future of Bitcoin.

Dr. Krause said, “It was a pleasure to hear from both Tom and Jim. They possess a wealth of experience and knowledge and the students always gain immensely by hearing from them. We are at a volatile point in the financial markets, it is so valuable to hear from two individuals with their fingers on the pulse of the market and the economy.” 
Image result for scott roberts ziegler
Scott Roberts of Ziegler and Dr. David Krause

From the Union League, students made their way over to Ziegler Capital Management where they were hosted by Paula Horn, Chief Investment Officer, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Daniel Kralovec, Associate and AIM alumnus. Ziegler is led by Scott Roberts, Marquette alumnus and current member of the University's Board of Trustees.

Paula Horn, CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager at Ziegler   

During our visit to Ziegler, the students had the opportunity to hear from two fixed income portfolio managers and Donald Nesbitt, Chief Investment Officer — Select Equity Group, Senior Portfolio Manager. Both teams walked students through their process as well as their current views on the markets and the economy that are driving their securities selection decisions.

“It was a pleasure to visit Ziegler Capital Management. The firm has long been a strong supporter of the AIM Program and Marquette University. This was an excellent opportunity for the program's younger students to hear from real world portfolios managers in both fixed income and equities. We are thankful for Scott and Paula for their support and the opportunity to visit the firm,” Krause commented.

Dr. Krause said, "This was again another outstanding trip – and it was all made possible through the support of our Chicago based Marquette alumni and friends. We are all extremely thankful for this opportunity to visit Chicago each fall. Our alumni are fantastic – they go out of their way to open up their firms and organize special visits. These opportunities afforded our students a view into the history of modern finance as well as the workplace and corporate culture - it is an amazing opportunity for our students."