Sunday, May 19, 2019

The AIM program offers best wishes to Brian Till, Marquette's outgoing Dean of the College of Business

Brian Till, who has led the College of Business since 2015, will be stepping down today following Marquette’s graduation. He was a good friend of the AIM program.

Today (graduation day), Brian Till will step down as the James H. Keyes Dean of Business Administration, with plans to return to the faculty and take a yearlong sabbatical. Joe Daniels will become Marquette University’s dean of the College of Business Administration on May 20th.

David Krause, AIM program director, commented that Brian Till was always a strong supporter and good friend of the Applied Investment Management program. "Dean Till traveled with the students and me to New York City the past two years - he embedded with the students and made all of the visits with us over the three day stay in NYC. I look forward to working with Brian as he returns to the faculty."

Brian Till and David Krause

“For the past four years, I have truly enjoyed working with the faculty and staff of the College of Business Administration, and I love being a part of the Marquette community, and I’m very proud of all we have accomplished,” Till said. “Over the past few months, I have reflected on my personal and professional journey, and it became clear to me that now was the time to take a step back and discern what my next path will be. I want to thank everyone in the college for the support they’ve shown me and for the great work we have accomplished together.”
Dave Clark presents Brian Till at Dean's Reception
During his tenure, Till led the college through its renewed accreditation process, completed a strategic plan and developed a vision for the college to become a “destination business school,” the release said. He oversaw the launch of new undergraduate programs in commercial banking and sales, as well as the development of a new major in business analytics, and helped create the college’s Student-Run Business Program. He also oversaw the launch of an online cohort MBA program and a Masters in Supply Chain Management program.
Brian Till
“On behalf of the university community, I want to thank Dean Till for his leadership and service to the College of Business Administration and Marquette,” said Kimo Ah Yun, acting provost. “From the development of a strategic plan for the college to the launch of several new programs, Dean Till has moved the college forward and will pass the baton to the next Keyes Dean knowing the college is in excellent shape for the future.”
Till’s departure follows that of two other Marquette leaders, including former provost Dan Myers and Dave Lawlor, former executive vice president of operations.

The search for a permanent provost has begun and it will be followed by the search for a permanent Keyes Dean of Business Administration.


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