Monday, January 4, 2016

AIM Fixed Income Fund Calendar Year 2015 Performance

The students in Marquette University's AIM program also are responsible for a managing a fixed income fund (consisting of various fixed income ETFs). The total return for the fund for calendar year 2015 was -0.03% versus the benchmark return of 0.55% (Barclays Core Bond Index).

The tables below show various statistics for the overall fixed income market and the AIM fund for 2015. Generally speaking, the under-performance of the AIM fund was a result of an overweight in corporate bonds (which generated an average annualized return of -0.68% or123 bps below the benchmark). The AIM fund also had some exposure to high yield and floating rate bonds, which also contributed to the below benchmark return. The AIM fixed income fund had a slight short duration tilt during the course of the year.

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