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The AIM Investment Banking Team is Headed to Vancouver for the Final Stage of the NIBC Competition in March

Marquette University’s AIM Investment Banking Team Again Advances to the Final Stage of the NIBC Case Competition

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that the AIM investment banking team again has been selected to advance to the Final Round of the 2016 National Investment Banking Competition held in Vancouver, Canada. Marquette has participated in each of the past two years and has advanced an undergraduate team to the final round which will take place on March 23-24, 2016 at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

This year, 25 undergraduate and 25 graduate teams from the initial 335 teams were invited to advance to the Final Round of the NIBC competition. Teams will be challenged to analyze an investment banking transaction opportunity and prepare a live boardroom presentation to a group of investment banking professionals.

Marquette University’s AIM investment banking team consists of four seniors: Clermond Jean, Dan Riley, Paul Tran and Joanne Wycklendt. Jean and Tran were also members of last year’s NIBC team. Congratulations on representing Marquette!

Clermond Jean
The Final Round will find each team competing in a pool of 8-10 teams in the boardrooms of local investment banks, where investment banking professionals will select the top teams to present at the Gala Dinner. The teams selected will present in front of a panel of Managing Directors from major investment banks and an audience of over 450 delegates and professionals. The total prize money for the winners in the graduate and undergraduate tier will be $15,000.

Dan Riley
The Managing Director Judging Panel is comprised of professionals from  RBC Capital Markets, CIBC World Markets, BMO Capital Markets, TD Securities, National Bank Financial and Scotia Capital.

Background of NIBC: Founded in 2007, the National Investment Banking Competition & Conference (NIBC) is an established organization which brings together students and professionals in an annual Case Competition and Conference which run parallel to each other. In 2015, the Competition attracted over 375 competing teams comprised of 947 undergraduate and graduate students from top schools across North America in front of over 300 students and 150 professionals in attendance. With the generous contribution and participation of various investment banks, private equity, asset management, accounting and law firms, the NIBC offers one of the most significant opportunities for students in North America to learn about investment banking.

Competition: The Competition offers undergraduate and graduate students from the top universities across North America the opportunity to attain international recognition from their peers and senior industry professionals. Competitors will utilize and develop skills in financial analysis, modeling, and pitching, all of which are essential to a successful career in investment banking.

Paul Tran
Conference: In addition to workshops on valuation, IPOs, M&A and private equity administered by investment banking professionals, NIBC features a series of simulations provided by Wall Street training firm MDA Training. NIBC also hosts a dinner and evening events to give students the opportunity to cultivate a network of students and professionals.

First Round: The First Round took place during November 2015 when teams received a case package containing detailed instructions and templates. They had four weeks to prepare their submission and the top 25 undergraduate and 25 graduate teams were invited to the Second Round in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Joanne Wycklendt
Second Round: Teams which advanced from the First Round will compete in the Second Round on March 23rd - 24th, 2016 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. Teams will receive a comprehensive case package and financial model, and will be given several hours of resolution time to analyze a realistic investment banking transaction. Following the resolution period, teams will be divided into pools and will have a 10-minute presentation and 10-minute Q&A session with a judging panel comprised of junior and senior bankers. These presentations will take place at the boardrooms of our sponsoring investment banks in downtown Vancouver.

Final Round: The best team from each pool will present their pitches during the Gala Dinner on March 24th, 2016. The Final Round Judging Panel comprised of Managing Directors will select the winning teams, to which the prize pool will be awarded.

Competition Overview: Competing in NIBC allows our AIM students studying investment banking to distinguish themselves and attain international recognition from their peers and senior industry professionals. The students will utilize and develop corporate finance analysis, financial modeling, and pitching skills which are essential for a successful career in investment banking.

Image result for nibc logo investment bankingCompetition Objective: NIBC’s goal in designing the case and competition process is to provide students with an authentic investment banking experience. The Organizing Team works closely with the Case Committee to create a competition that focuses on real-life transactions involving publicly listed companies. Participation in NIBC will provide hands-on experience and insight into the daily responsibilities of both junior and senior investment bankers. These responsibilities include analysis of financial data, running scenarios in financial models, evaluating structural alternatives against client parameters, creating pitch books, and presenting to senior management. The Competition culminates in a live pitch by finalist teams to Managing Directors of leading North American investment banks. 

Case Development: The cases used in the Competition are designed by NIBC’s Case Committee, which is comprised of professionals who have dedicated their time and experience in financial analysis and transaction structuring to work with the Organization Team to create sophisticated cases for NIBC since inception. Throughout the case creation process, the Case Committee screens companies, reviews trading comparables and precedent transactions, and consults with industry experts to identify suitable real-life situations. As part of the Final Round Case, the Case Committee works with the Organizing Team to prepare a sophisticated financial model and information package for competitors as well as a comprehensive case summary for judges. Prior to dissemination of the cases, the Case Committee receives input from industry professionals from sponsoring firms as well as the Board’s general members.

Again, best of luck to the team from Marquette University headed to the NIBC competition in Vancouver, Canada in March, 2016.
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