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Make A Difference - Wisconsin visited Marquette's AIM Program on Friday, January 29, 2016

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Make A Difference - Wisconsin and AIM are working on a partnership
On Friday, January 29, 2016, Rachel Kauer and Patrick Rorabeck of Make A Difference–Wisconsin visited the students in the AIM program. Make A Difference – Wisconsin is an organization dedicated to empowering teenagers with financial literacy educational resources and real-world lessons. 
Through a network of volunteers (including students in Marquette University’s AIM program), MAD-Wisconsin has been tirelessly working to build stronger communities in southern Wisconsin by helping teens become ‘money smart’.

Over the past decade, Make A Difference – Wisconsin programs have evolved and grown into a series of successful, measurable and timely lessons that prepare 16-to-18-year olds on a range of real-life money matters before they enter adulthood. 
This school year MAD-Wisconsin plans to reach more than 8,000 students through their vision of improved teenage financial education shared by 700 dedicated volunteers, more than 85 schools and youth organizations, and thousands of community-minded supporters.
Rachel Kauer, Make A Difference - Wisconsin
Pat Rorabeck and Rachel Kauer in the AIM Room
Meeting with the AIM students was Rachel Kauer (Program Manager at Make A Difference – Wisconsin), who is responsible for connecting high schools in need of financial literacy programming with experienced volunteers from the business community in presenting their interactive Money Sense program. 
Using an activity-based curriculum, and adding to it real-world stories and experiences, volunteers have been successful in bringing to life key concepts such as budgeting, saving and credit. The result is measurable behavioral change, leading to a brighter future for our youth.

Patrick Rorabeck (Program Director) also presented information about a possible partnership between Make A Difference – Wisconsin and the AIM program.  He focuses on MAD-Wisconsin’s Money Coach program, which focuses on establishing savings goals, life goals and preparing teens to transition to living independently as a young adult. 
Mr. Rorabeck has identified areas where the AIM students can work to help create an ‘Investments 101’ module that can be layered on to the MAD-Wisconsin curriculum. 
Joanne Wycklendt

Over 30 students attended the MAD-Wisconsin / AIM program open house at Marquette – and the response rate of likely volunteers was impressive. Special thanks to Joanne Wycklendt (a current AIM program student) for her efforts with Make A Difference and in arranging for this opportunity.

We will work with MAD-Wisconsin this semester to establish an afternoon where students from a local high school can visit the AIM program. We will provide them with an opportunity to learn more about Marquette University and our students decision to study finance. It is expected that the event will take place on a Friday afternoon this April. (Stay tuned for further details).

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