Friday, September 8, 2017

AIM Alumni Working in Equity Research in the News

Marquette AIM Program Graduates in the News

The AIM program was established in 2005 and since then nearly 300 graduates have entered the financial industry - and many have gone on to receive their CFA charter. 

This week two AIM alumni were in the news related to research they were involved in producing: Alice Wycklendt of RW Baird and Dan Gaide of Barclays.

Dealer sentiment toward the new 2018 models, introduced Aug. 22, was generally positive, Baird’s senior research analyst Craig Kennison and senior research associate Alice Wycklendt said in an analysts’ note Tuesday. Some dealers reported running out of some of those new models...

The note from analysts Mark Moskowitz, Daniel Gaide, and Chang Liu says Apple has an advantage over Amazon in that Siri is available on more than 700M devices compared to 20M for Echo. The iPhone makes a “natural control panel” for a smart home “due to its user-friendly interface and ...