Thursday, September 28, 2017

Key Investment Banking Guests from Lazard Middle Markets Spoke to the FMA Students and Mr. Germanotta's Investment Banking Class

Marquette's FMA Club and Investment Banking Class Hosted Jim Reilly and Paul Tran of Lazard Middle Markets on September 25, 2017

Paul Tran and Jim Reilly of Lazard in the AIM Room

On September 25th, Marquette’s Investment Banking class was honored to have two guest speakers from Lazard's Middle Market Group: Director, Jim Reilly and Analyst, Paul Tran (a Marquette AIM alumnus in the Class of 2016).  They presented to the FMA Club in the afternoon and assisted in the Investment Banking course that evening.

Mr. Jeffrey S. Germanotta teaches FINA 4081: Investment Banking at Marquette University and works closely with Dr. David Krause and the students in the banking track of the Applied Investment Management (AIM) program. He is working hard to bring the content to life and one of the approaches is to bring outside speakers into the classroom.

Jim Reilly 
of Lazard Middle Markets Group
In talking about the course, he said, “In FINA 4081 we review the common types of transactions that investment bankers work on and the different methods used to value those transactions. Some of these include IPOs, seasoned equity offerings, exchange offers, mergers, hostile tender offers, leverage buyouts, and going private transactions. This course also exposes students to different methods used to value those transactions via applied projects, model building, cases, etc. Additionally, I try to supplement the material with timely outside speakers.”

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Paul Tran, AIM Class of 2016, Analyst
Lazard Middle Markets Group

Mr. Germanotta said, “This semester's investment banking class hosted Jim Reilly, Director and Paul Tran, Analyst of Lazard last Monday.  Jim and Paul discussed the various functions within an investment bank and explained the differences between bulge bracket and middle-market investment banks."

He continued, "We also learned about Lazard's focus on financial advisory and asset management activities and their important view of serving as an independent, unbiased advisor.  They concluded their presentation with an actual sell-side case study, consistent Marquette's emphasis on experiential learning.  We are grateful for Lazard's continuing support of Marquette."

Strong turnout of finance students
at the Lazard Information Session at Marquette
The students also had the privilege of walking through a real-life case study of a sell-side advisory transaction, bringing added meaning to our classroom experience.  Jim Reilly and Paul Tran explained their roll in guiding a privately held company though a sale process, which consisted of both strategic and financial buyers.