Thursday, September 7, 2017

Important follow-up to the recent post about need for financial analysts to have more programming skills

Opportunities for enhanced programming skills for AIM students exist at Marquette - students encouraged to take more computer science and information systems courses within the AIM curriculum

On Tuesday, 9/5/17, the AIM blog offered advice to AIM students wishing to become financial analysts to improve their communication and programming skills. One of the specific suggestions on the blog referred to is learning to code in Python.

Marquette’s existing computer science course: COSC 1010 does just that. While the 7-day Coursera course may be low cost or free, the COSC course offered by Marquette carries credits for undergraduates and may satisfy various program requirements for graduation.

COSC 1010. Introduction to Computer Programming. 4 cr. hrs.   Introduction to abstraction, algorithmic thinking, simulation and testing for computer-based problem solving. Students will learn a high-level programming language and use tools developed by computer scientists and software engineers to solve problems. No prior programming experience is assumed. 3 hrs. lecture, 2 hrs. lab. Two years of college preparatory mathematics required.

Another course that AIM students can take – and which will count as an AIM elective – is INSY 4051 that is offered by the College of Business’ Department of Management. It is a core course for Marquette students seeking an Information Systems major or minor. Students enjoy taking the course and learn the programming language C# - also an important skill useful for a career in financial analysis.

INSY 4051 (formerly INTE 4051): An introduction to business applications design and development. Introductory topics include: software product development, the Software Development Lifecycle, Agile (SCRUM), user experience design tools for wire-framing and mockup development, user story development, software architecture and technical design, object-oriented programming, data structures and programming logic design, database and external API integration, mobile and web applications development. Students work in groups and also participate in semester-long projects to design and build an innovative software application prototype. Prereq: INSY 3001.

Dr. David Krause, AIM director, stated “I strongly encourage all students in AIM – or freshmen and sophomores considering applying to the program – to take more computer science, information systems, and quantitative courses. The courses mentioned (COSC 1010 and INSY 4051) are a great way for students enrolled at Marquette to prepare themselves for the jobs of the future.”

He continued, “I look forward to working with Dr. Tom Kaczmarek – Director of M.S. Computing at Marquette University and Director of Center for Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Defense on ways for faculty and students to work across colleges. With the cooperation of Dr. Joe Daniels  - Chair of the Department of Economics; College of Business Dean Brian Till; and College of Arts and Sciences Dean Richard Holz, I believe that we can find ways to thread degrees between our undergraduate and graduate programs. We will hopefully soon begin exploring a 5-year program for AIM and math/economics students and data science as a specialization in preparation for today and tomorrow’s jobs in FinTech.”