Saturday, January 12, 2019

AIM Class of 2020 Began Managing the AIM Funds on 1/1/2019

AIM Class of 2020 - Off to a good start! 
Newest AIM class of students take over the reins of the AIM Funds

So far, so good in 2019... all three AIM Funds are above their respective benchmarks for the first two weeks of the new year (see table below).

The students return to the classroom on Monday, January 14th and the AIM equity write-ups and presentations will begin by the end of the month.

This semester we will be returning to the AIM 'Road Trips' where the students present at various Milwaukee and Chicago investment firms on Friday afternoons. Five 'road shows' have already been booked - if your firm would like to host four AIM students on a Friday afternoon for an hour of equity presentations (small cap and international stocks), please reach out to the AIM director, Dr. David Krause at