Saturday, January 19, 2019

Dan Tranchita and Andy O’Connell of Baird Advisors presented at Marquette University to the Fixed Income Securities class

Dan Tranchita and Andy O’Connell (Marquette Alumni) visited Dr. Krause’s class and discussed the current macro-economic climate and the fixed income market

The fixed income investment management business is a challenge one – and Milwaukee-based Baird Advisors is one of the top firms in the industry.

Dan Tranchita
Andy O'Connell

Marquette and the AIM program are proud of the success of Baird’s fixed income team – especially because of the large number of alumni involved at all levels of the organization. 

Dan Tranchita and Andy O’Connell again delivered a strong presentation to the students that included current news and strategies – as well as meaningful insights into the application of the concepts talk in Dr. Krause’s Fixed Income class.

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director and professor of finance at Marquette, said, “It is always great to have alumni return to campus; however, it is more than just a friendly visit. Dan and Andy are a great example of how we work investment professionals and other practitioners into the curriculum. Not only do they bring current insights, but they help to reinforce the material contained within the CFA curriculum – which we utilize within the AIM program at Marquette.”

Krause continued, “I always like to bring them into the Fixed Income class during the first week of the semester because we're able to draw on the material from their presentation throughout the semester. Thanks to Dan and Andy - and Baird Advisors for supporting our students at Marquette.”