Tuesday, January 22, 2019

AIM Guest Speaker - Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist for Nuveen / TIAA Investments, Expects a Challenging 2019, but Not a U.S. Recession

The Marquette AIM Program Hosted Guest Speaker, Brian Nick, (Chief Investment Strategist of Nuveen / TIAA Investments

Brian Nick of Nuveen in the AIM Room
 A standing-room-only crowd of over 40 AIM and FMA students heard from Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, and Bryan Brooks, Vice President at Nuveen Investments / TIAA.

Brian Nick and his colleagues at Nuveen / TIAA Investment have advised investors in 2019 to seek quality at a fair price in a slowing world. 

They believe that when the dust clears, the global economy in 2019 will probably not behave all that differently than it did in 2018, but they are hopeful for better investment returns across most public and private asset classes.

The economists at Nuveen believe that the world is slowing, but only gradually. 

Furthermore, they have stated recently that they believe a global recession and bear market are still at least a few years away, leaving room for portfolios with risk assets to benefit. Access the entire report at: https://www.tiaa.org/public/pdf/4648_AFFILIATED_GPE-GIC1QA-0119D_GIC_annual_outlook_2019_FINAL.pdf