Saturday, February 12, 2022

Another Marquette University Applied Investment Management Program First: A Stock Pitch in the Metaverse

 Marquette professors David Krause and Joe Wall have created a virtual AIM Room in the metaverse

 The virtual AIM Meta Room was born on February 11, 2022

Maybe it is not time to say goodbye to the traditional Friday afternoon AIM student stock pitches that have occurred regularly since 2005; however, this past week the program had its first metaverse presentation.

Using Meta’s Horizon Workrooms, David Krause and Joe Wall, professors in the College of Business Administration, hosted a virtual stock pitch by Bassel Fauod, a member of the AIM Class of 2023. Wearing Oculus Quest 2 VR devices, the three meet in the virtual AIM Room on Friday, February 11. They were joined by thirty AIM students who accessed the metaverse with traditional 2D video conferencing.

Virtual AIM Room

The three metaverse participants met across a conference room table and discussed Fauod’s stock recommendation, Matterport (ticker: MTTR), a technology company providing metaverse infrastructure.

Bassel Fouad without and with his Oculus Quest VR device

Dr. David Krause, AIM director, said “I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly our first presentation in the metaverse occurred. It was easy to step beyond the physical world by putting on my Oculus Quest and connecting with their avatars. It felt like we were in the same room although we were in separate parts of the building.”

Krause avatar setting up the first metaverse AIM pitch

Not coincidentally, Bassel Fauod’s presentation focused on a stock that is heavy in the future growth of the metaverse. He said, “While Matterport’s primary target is the digital real estate market, the firm is a direct metaverse play because of its technology and huge library that will be used to build out the metaverse’s infrastructure.”

Dr. Joe Wall has also recognized the importance of pushing students to think beyond the status quo. He and Krause have been advocating greater use of technology and innovation. Sporting an avatar with a black Gatsby fedora, his avatar moved around the virtual AIM Room asking Bassel questions during the stock pitch. 

Students using video conferencing to connect commented that they were surprised at how normal the event felt. One student who commented afterwards said that “it seemed like you were right there with them and after a few minutes their avatars become as normal as seeing someone’s profile picture on a Zoom call - maybe even better. It was pretty amazing and engaging.”

Krause said that the recorded video of the first metaverse stock pitch will be posted on the Marquette AIM YouTube site next week. The metaverse has arrived in the AIM program!

Screen shot from the first metaverse AIM pitch

AIM Students in 2D Setting