Thursday, February 28, 2019

AIM Students Attend Milwaukee CFA Society Speed Reading Seminar

Marquette AIM students learned about speed reading and memorization techniques at the CFA Society of Milwaukee event held on February 27

Successful people need information – and lots of it! Today there is so much information and because there is only a limited amount of time, you need to be able to read and comprehend more in the given time available.

The Marquette AIM students and Jessica Hoerres (AIM program coordinator) attended a speed-reading seminar sponsored by the Milwaukee CFA Society on Wednesday, February 27, at the University Club.

They learned that reading large amounts of information is a habit especially prevalent among seasoned research analysts and successful business executives.

According to a recent speed-reading test, here are the typical speeds at which humans read, and in theory comprehend, at various stages of educational development:
  • Third-grade students = 150 words per minute (wpm)
  • Eight grade students = 250
  • Average college student = 450
  • Average “high level exec” = 575
  • Average college professor = 675
  • Speed readers = 1,500
  • World speed reading champion = 4,700
  • Average adult: 300 wpm

Image result for cfa milwaukee societyThe goal of the seminar was to work on improving the AIM students' ability to read quickly and for context --- to master the skill of getting through new information quickly and remembering it. 

The Marquette AIM students understand that to be successful analysts their ability to keep up with new information is an essential skill that will need constant improvement and fine-tuning.

The 90-minute workshop hopefully helped them to learn to read faster, remember more and boost their productivity. This should help with the rest of their college studies, preparing for the CFA exam, and save time when they are reading financial reports, contracts, business books, market research, and other industry news.