Tuesday, February 12, 2019

FinTech and AIM students at Marquette hear from Jeff Wuest, a CEO in the middle of the evolution of the global finance industry

Marquette alumnus and CEO/Founder of SynFiny visited Dr. Krause’s FinTech and AIM classes on Monday, February 11, 2019

Based in Cincinnati, SynFiny Advisors is a financial consulting firm that helps major corporate clients improve their productivity, cut cycle time for financial and accounting processes, and increase organization quality and effectiveness. 

Jeff Wuest and his partners have broad experience within major global firms and utilizing current financial technologies can help take finance and management activities from a bureaucratic burden into a competitive advantage.

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, “It was a pleasure to have Jeff in class – and I know he enjoyed interacting with the students. His knowledge about the evolution of financial technology was very informative as I think it helped students understand just have far and fast we have come in the past couple of years. His examples of the use of business intelligence, including large data analytics, brings our curriculum to life.”

Jeff Wuest talked about financial disruption – a topic that is front-and-center for the AIM students this week as the students are required to identify the key disruptive forces within their respective industries and sectors. 

Krause said, “Jeff gave concrete examples of where blockchain is being used, how artificial intelligence is being implemented in accounting and financial functions within firms, and also spoke about the increasing importance of the cloud as a key disruptor. Bringing experts regularly into the classroom is one of the key facets that keeps the ‘applied’ element in the AIM program.”

Dr. Krause and the Marquette students appreciate the efforts of our alumni to support the learning process. "Understanding the rapid changing taking place within the world of finance is essential for our students," said Krause. "We are thankful that Jeff could be a part of our classroom discussion this week - his visit was very timely."