Saturday, March 2, 2019

Marquette AIM Alumnus Was Top Bloomberg News Feed on March 1st - Congratulations to Andrew Freedman of Hedgeye

Andrew Freedman, CFA, Equity Research Analyst at Hedgeye Risk Management, and Marquette AIM Class of 2011 Graduate, was the Bloomberg Top News Feed Yesterday!

Andrew Freedman has been with Hedgeye, located in Stamford, CT, since 2014. He was an analyst with Clearbrook Consulting in NYC prior to moving to Hedgeye.

Andrew Freedman, CFA
Andrew Freedman, AIM Alumnus

Dr. David Krause, Marquette AIM program director, said "From the day he entered the AIM program, Andrew was all about equities. He loved investing and had I left him, he probably would have pitched a new stock every week. Andrew was a stock junkie, so I am not surprised by this accomplishment. Way to go!"

Andrew primarily covers U.S. healthcare and information technology equities. He has extensive knowledge of the healthcare IT industry (EMR, population health, value-based care, telehealth, business intelligence, outsourcing and revenue cycle management).  Life most investment research analysts today he has experience using SQL to analyze and manipulate large datasets.

His primary coverage lists includes: ATHN, CERN, MDRX, CPSI, QSII, RCM, TDOC, HQY, OMCL, EVH, MDSO, WAGE, HCA, THC, LPNT, CYH, MD, SGRY, ZBH, SYK, DGX, LH, EXAS, MYGN, and HOLX.