Saturday, March 30, 2019

Q1 2019 Results in Outstanding Returns for the Two @MarquetteAIM Equity Funds

The @MarquetteAIM Funds had an excellent first quarter of 2019; besting their respective benchmarks by more than 420 basis points.

The AIM International Equity Fund generated a total return of 14.86% compared to the benchmark(MSCI All-Country World Index ex-US) of 10.67% --- a return of 421 bps above the index.

The AIM Small Cap Equity Fund also produced excellent results for the quarter with a return of 18.88% versus the benchmark (Russell 2000 Index) of 14.58% --- a return of 430 bps above the benchmark.

Click on the table to see the Q1 2019 and 1 year returns of the top holdings in each fund.