Saturday, November 20, 2010

AIM Mentoring Program for New Students in Class of 2012 Being Considered

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director stated recently, “Several of our alumni and ‘Friends of AIM’ have expressed their willingness to mentor the juniors who will be entering the AIM program in January 2011. Tim Fotsch, Pat Brown, Dan Tranchita and other guests on campus this semester have talked with me about their willingness to help the new students acclimate to the world of high finance.”

“The vision of such a program would be for a mentor to reactively answer a protégée’s questions and to proactively offer the student advice,” Dr. Krause added. “The protégées should actively engage their mentor regarding their professional aspirations. They should pose questions about finance career opportunities, request advice about extracurricular activities and professional organizations, seek review of resumes, sharpen communication and interviewing skills, etc.   The desired result of this would be for the newly enrolled AIM students to be better prepared for their classes and upcoming interviews for summer internship.”

He continued, “Many people associated with the AIM program have the potential to be a mentor – including alumni and employers. If you are interested in being a mentor – to help guide and counsel our students, please contact me at,” Krause added.

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