Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Bloomberg Terminals Coming Soon to the AIM Room and Across the Marquette Campus

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director commented, “This past week, after months of planning, we signed an agreement with Bloomberg Professional Service to add up to 10 more connections on Marquette’s campus. Thanks to the efforts of numerous departments across campus and the Raynor Library, we are increasing student access to Bloomberg substantially for all MU students – not just those enrolled in the AIM program.”

NYC Headquarters
Bloomberg terminals
Dr. Krause commented, “What is Bloomberg? Well, for starters, Bloomberg is a privately held financial software, news, and data company. Bloomberg has estimated revenues of nearly $7 billion, which is about one third of the global financial data market. The company was founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, the current Mayor of New York City. Bloomberg provides financial software tools such as analytics and equity trading platform, data services and news to financial companies and organizations around the world through the Bloomberg Terminal (via its Bloomberg Professional Service).The firm has grown to include a global news service, including television, radio, the Internet and printed publications – it is now one of the largest media companies in the world.”
Mayor Bloomberg

“Look for an upcoming story in the AIM blog about the rollout of the new Bloomberg terminals on campus,” Dr. Krause said. “I encourage my students – and anyone else interested in mastering Bloomberg – to complete the Bloomberg Essentials Training Program.”

“Why should a finance student become a master Bloomberg user?” Krause asked rhetorically. “Since the Bloomberg system is the leading information service for global financial markets – with at least 250,000 terminals in use by investment professionals around the world – it makes sense for someone wishing to work in the industry to be able to use the system. Corporate recruiters regularly seek job candidates with competitive technical and financial technology skills. I encourage students to gain this competitive skill before they interview for an investment-related job.”
He continued, “The Bloomberg Essentials Training Program (known as BESS) permits all academic users to gain essential training on-line – plus there is no fee for this training program. The important features of this self-instruction process are:

   1. A total of 8 modules are available through the BESS menu.
   2. Core Videos consist of Getting Started, Bloomberg News, Market Monitors & Launchpad and API (Excel)
   3. Market Sector Videos consist of introduction to Equity, Fixed Income, FX and Commodity
   4. You can test your knowledge by taking the core exam (covers all 4 videos) along with any of the market sector exams
   5. You need to complete with a 75% grade or better to earn the Acknowledgement of Completion
   6. Re-takes of tests are not provided, so you get only one chance to pass the test.
   7. The training program can be completed at your own pace. You would watch video tutorials and practice as much as needed.
   8. You are strongly encouraged to take the time you need to explore the system and practice before taking the test.
   9. When you are ready, just click on Exams Enablement and contact the Bloomberg Help Desk.  You can also hit the green help key twice to access a Bloomberg representative.
  10. You should budget for at least 6-8 hours to complete the entire essentials program.”

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