Friday, November 5, 2010

Baird's Tarantino, Notarianni, and Wycklendt Visit Students in the AIM Class of 2012

David E. Tarantino, CFA, Associate Director of Research and Senior Research Analyst, R.W. Baird, visited the AIM program today. He was joined by fellow Baird colleagues, Matt Notarianni (MU '06), Research Associate, and Katie Wycklendt (MU '09), Investment Banking Analyst. They addressed the newly admitted students in the AIM Class of 2012. 

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "It was a pleasure to have David, Matt, and Katie meet with the new students in the AIM Class of 2012. Today was the first opportunity for the students in the new admitted AIM class to get together. Even though some of the students are presently off-campus this semester studying abroad - and a few others were participating in NCAA sports this weekend - it was useful for us to meet as a group. I had an opportunity to cover some important topics that needed to be addressed prior to the beginning of the summer internship recruiting season." 

"The visit by the Baird team this afternoon provided the juniors with some valuable information about the equity research, investment banking, and interviewing process," Krause added. "They talked about Baird's five strategic businesses: Private Wealth Management, Equity Capital Markets, Fixed Income Capital Markets, Asset Management, and Private Equity. I know that the discussion of the skills and traits that they are seeking was important for the new AIM students to hear."

David Tarantino and Katie Wycklendt focused on some of the key attributes of successful research analysts and investment bankers at Baird. These include:
  • Strong critical thinking and communication skills 
  • High level of tenacity and love of finance
  • Good cultural fit 
Krause concluded, "The visit by David, Matt, and Katie should have helped the juniors prepare for their first internship interviews - which will take place in a couple of weeks. We're pleased that they were able to visit the AIM students. The Q&A and individual discussion afterward helped the students understand more about the culture and work environment at Baird."

"Our relationship with Baird is excellent. Because we are located just up the avenue from them, our students are able to work part-time during the school year. This allows our students to balance their students with meaningful work experiences," Dr. Krause added.

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