Saturday, November 6, 2010

Students from Messmer High School Visited the AIM Program on November 3rd

Messmer Catholic High School
Students from Messmer High School visited with Dr. Krause and students in the AIM program on Wednesday, November 3rd. Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "Over 20 Messmer students and their teachers visited the AIM Room for about an hour - and I felt it was a valuable experience for everyone in the room. I loved picking the students' brains about current teen trends in fashion and technology. And by the time we finished our dialogue, I believe that they realized what investment research analysts do and why it is essential to determine in advance any changes in consumer tastes. We had a good time and I believe there were some budding research analysts in the room."

"The students asked numerous questions and provided interesting commentary," Krause added. "I've been reading lately about the growing trends in youth fashion back toward 'prep' and they reinforced this for me. When asked what retailers they believed would do well in the next year in the world of teen fashion, they responded Rockport and Ralph Lauren. The students also discussed smartphone and fast food preferences with me. As a result of this dialogue, they gained an understanding of why identifying future trends is the essence of solid investment research - and I understood why certain products were in high demand."

Joe Terrian
The visit to Marquette's College of Business Administration was arranged by Assistant Dean, Joe Terrian, and Dr. Richard A'Hearn. The students learned about global study opportunities and visited the new law school at Marquette. They also toured campus and had an opportunity to meet with admissions personnel.

Dr. David Krause
Krause concluded, "We welcome the opportunity to host high school classes. While I often have individual high school students 'shadow' AIM classes, it is fun to have entire groups of students in because we can engage in the type of dialogue we had the other day. I wish all of them well and it would be great to see some of these young scholars join the AIM program some day."

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