Friday, November 5, 2010

Jason Weiner Visits Dr. Krause's Fixed Income and AIM Classes on Friday, November 5th

On Friday, Jason Weiner (MU '92), CFA, lead portfolio manager of M&I's Marshall Government Income fund visited Dr. Krause's Fixed Income and AIM classes. Jason has served as a vice president and portfolio manager with M&I Investment Management Corporation since 1993 - shortly after he graduated from Marquette. In addition to the three fixed income funds he manages, Weiner also manages the M&I Intermediate and Aggregate Fixed Income team. Jason has earned  designation of a Chartered Financial Analyst. Jason brought his colleague, Ryan DeRosier, to also address the students.

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "Jason Weiner is an experienced fixed income manager. He currently is actively managing three funds for M&I and has extensive experience in both bull and bear markets. Given that we are currently discussing active bond portfolio management, Jason was an ideal guest speaker in the Fixed Income class."

"Having someone who lived through LTCM and financial crisis of 2008 as a fixed income manager was a treat," Krause added. "Jason was able to provide interesting commentary about the current financial regulations, Quantitative Easing II, and macro-economic trends. The Marquette finance students related to Jason and appreciated his insights into the world of fixed income asset management."

Dr. Krause commented, "Jason talked about active bond management. Active bonds portfolio management attempts to take advantage of either superior bond selection or superior market timing. The former requires a bond portfolio manager who is capable of identifying mispriced bonds. The bond portfolio manager can buy underpriced bonds or sell overpriced bonds. The latter strategy requires a bond portfolio manager capable of predicting interest rate changes."

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