Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dan Keegan and Bill Gruzynski Visited the COBA and AIM Today

Dan Keegan and Bill Gruzynski met today with the College of Business Administration’s Dean, Dr. Linda Salchenberger, and AIM program director, Dr. David Krause. Dan Keegan is a 1977 graduate of the Marquette University’s College of Business Administration. He has also been a guest lecturer in Dr. David Krause's finance classes and Dr. George Kutner's derivatives class. Dan is also the Chief Options Mentor at The Chicago School of Trading LLC.

Dan Keegan
According to Mr. Keegan, a veteran trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, the Chicago School of Trading teaches students how to be successful options and futures traders. He said, “For generations, veteran traders have mentored new traders on a personal basis in the trading pits of Chicago’s exchanges. The Chicago School of Trading offers the same type of one-on-one mentoring, but it uses the internet and video technology to teach new traders.”

Bill Gruzynski
Keegen’s partner, Bill Gruzynski, also visited Salchenberger and Krause. Bill Gruzynski was in on the ground floor of the ITT Stuart School of Management's trading program. He is also an experienced futures trader and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), a professional designation exclusively for alternative investment specialists. He is a member of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, which established the industry’s first and only specialized educational standards covering real estate, private equity, commodities, hedge funds and managed futures.

The discussion today was about the potential synergies that might exist between The Chicago School Of Trading and Marquette University’s College of Business Administration. Dr. Krause said, “It was an interesting conversation. I’m exploring ways to allow our students to gain exposure to trading and Dan and Bill have a wealth of experience. We’ll continue to examine ways we might be able to work together in the future. It was also nice that they had an opportunity to meet with some of my students in the AIM Room.”

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