Monday, March 14, 2011

AIM Students Go on the Road to Pitch Stocks

In February and early March the AIM students analyzed and presented 30 separate stock recommendations. Three of the five sets of presentations were held away from the Marquette campus. Five students visited 1492 Capital Management on February 4th where they pitched their recommendations before Brian Andrew, Rodney Hathaway, Adam France, and other members of the 1492 Capital Management team. The student presenters were Kyle Boser, Ethan Matter, Tom Molosky, and Peter Stucki.
“The session at 1492 Capital Management was a valuable learning experience,” said Dr. David Krause, AIM program director. “They knew our stocks and asked many insightful questions. Visits like this reinforce the ‘applied’ element of the AIM program. We’ll continue to go on the road on Friday afternoons to present stocks to investment professionals. The students and I enjoy these opportunities."

Luke Darkow
On Friday, February 11, five AIM students presented their equity recommendations at Wells Capital Management in Menomonee Falls. Kristin Holzhauer, Christina Starkey, April Qi, David Hermanny, and Mike Muratore presented their stock recommendations to a group of over 30 investment professionals. "The students did an excellent job answering questions asked by the Wells Capital portfolio managers and analysts," Dr. Krause said. "We have an excellent relationship with Wells and look forward to returning next year with the students in the Class of 2012. We'[d like to thank them for providing a tour of their facilities prior to the presentations." 

Dr. Krause stated, “On behalf of the students in the AIM program, we want to thank all of the companies that have hosted our ‘road trips’ the past several years. All of the presenters agree about the benefits of these types of interactions. The questions and insights of investment professionals are highly beneficial and serve as an important element in the AIM program. What they learn in these interactions can't be found in text books - it can only be obtained by working with people experienced in security analysis.”

There were two other sets of presentations that were held in the AIM Room during the month of February. These presentations regularly are attended by investment professionals and Marquette faculty. "We will have two more presentations in the AIM Room in April with the newest enrollees into the program," Dr. Krause said. "We will post the presentation soon - and the public is invited to attend the student stock pitches."

Tim Hildebrand
On Friday, March 11th, eight AIM students made their final equity recommendations at Cortina Asset Management. The AIM presenters were: Luke Darkow, Ben Hariri, Aaron Socker, David Zakutansky, Mike Muratore, Tom Molosky, Mark Rutherford, and Jose Munoz.
Dr. Krause said, "We would like to thank Tom Eck and his colleagues at Cortina, they have been great long term supporters of the AIM program. It was a special treat to visit them in their downtown Milwaukee office." In April, the newest group of AIM students in the Class of 2012 will make their inaugural pitches at Heartland Advisors, Timpani Capital Management, and in Chicago before a group of Marquette alumni.

Dr. Krause added that all of the student stock write-ups are available on the AIM web site at:

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