Thursday, March 24, 2011

Description of the Applied Investment Management (AIM) Program for Interested Freshmen and Sophomores at Marquette University

Dr. Krause, AIM program director, said “Many of the freshmen and sophomore students are stopping by my office to talk about the AIM program. It’s probably because the students will soon be required to register for their courses for the fall semester. This blog posting is intended to help those students learn more about the AIM program and what courses interested students should be taking next semester.”

Background: Marquette University is home to one of the nation’s top undergraduate programs in applied investment management. The AIM program allows a select group of finance majors to get hands-on academic and security analysis experience, including summer internships, and an opportunity to actively manage equity (domestic and international) and fixed-income portfolios throughout their senior year. Students will study the core body of knowledge covered in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Level I exam – preparing them to take the test upon graduation – and begin a career in the money management industry. 

In addition to the regular finance courses, there are four unique AIM courses:
·      Introduction to Applied Investment Management covers investment policy, securities regulation, and the mechanics of the securities markets and is intended to prepare students for their summer internship.
·      Research and Financial Analysis provides students a thorough understanding of the key investment tools – quantitative research methods, economic relationships, and financial statement analysis. During this course students will analyze securities and manage actual equity and fixed income portfolios.
·      Valuation and Portfolio Management includes the common approaches to valuing assets, the basic measurements of risk and return, and the key elements of the portfolio management process. Students will continue to manage the investment portfolios, evaluate performance, and prepare reports on the results at the end of the semester.
·      Investment Management, Ethics, and Society emphasizes how to manage investments in a manner that is both ethical and socially responsible. Students will acquire a thorough understanding of the CFA® professional standards of conduct in the application of ethics to the moral dimensions of money management.  

Students accepted into the AIM program are expected to complete a summer internship between their junior and senior years. While possible, students should understand that it will be challenging to study abroad during their junior or senior years while enrolled in AIM.  Also, given the required AIM courses, it will be difficult for students to obtain a triple major in business in four years.

The AIM curriculum is located on the AIM program web site at: Students can go here to obtain the listing of the courses to fulfill the AIM program requirements. Sophomores should be aware that they need to have taken or be enrolled in the Introduction to Finance and Intermediate Accounting courses at the time they apply to the AIM program. Freshmen are encouraged to try and take the Introduction to Finance courses during their sophomore year.

"Students apply to the AIM program during the fall semester of their junior year (while enrolled in FINA 3001and ACCO 3001) and notification of acceptance occurs before the advising period during the fall semester." Dr. Krause said. “For any sophomores considering the AIM program, they should be sure to take Intermediate Accounting during the fall semester of their junior year. It is also beneficial for students to follow the global economy and financial markets prior to enrolling in AIM.”

Acceptance into the AIM program is competitive and admittance is based on:

  • Resume & References 
  • Interview 
  • Declared Finance major 
  • Application Essay
  • Grades earned by the beginning of the fall semester of the junior year (GPA ≥ 3.0)
Interviews for the summer internships will begin after acceptance into the AIM program. For additional information go to the AIM web site or contact Dr. Krause at
Also, you can follow the AIM program at the following:

AIM web site at:
Twitter: MarquetteAIM
Linkedin: MarquetteAIM
Facebook: MarquetteAIM

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