Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Are Over 40 Universities Headed to Omaha, Nebraska for the CFA GIRC?

Omaha, Nebraska

While Omaha, Nebraska is a great American city, many people have been asking us why the prestigious CFA Global Investment Research Challenge isn't being held in New York City - where all of the previous Americas' competitions have been held. Maybe it's the beefsteaks or the beautiful sunsets?   

Well, this week the CFA Institute informed the schools participating in the GIRC competition that "Warren Buffett will be holding a question and answer session with students participating in the Global Investment Research Challenge in Omaha."  In preparation for this event, each of the teams has been asked to submit five questions that they would like to ask him. 

Like all of the students participating in the GIRC, Marquette's AIM students are hopeful they will have an opportunity to meet Mr. Buffett. Dr. Krause stated, "I've had the luxury of watching the CFA's Global Investment Research Challenge grow over the past several years. It is impressive to see the number of universities worldwide increase to nearly 500 schools - and I know it will be an amazing experience for the students to be in the company of Warren Buffet. I know that the five AIM students competing in the GIRC are looking forward to the competition in Omaha."

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