Saturday, March 12, 2011

Students in the AIM Class of 2012 Seeking Summer Internships

AIM program director, Dr. David Krause, said, "The spring semester is moving along very quickly and the newest group of AIM students (the Class of 2012) have completed their resumes and begun the search for a summer internship. I'm pleased with the new class - they have been meeting all of my expectations. I think this is be a highly talented class."

The AIM program provides students with opportunities to visit financial institutions, gain practical experience, and draw valuable skills from industry professionals through summer internships. These internships also provide the chance for students to rigorously apply their developing financial skills in the real-world situations. Many career opportunities have been launched as a result of these high quality internships.

Summer internships provide valuable experience for AIM students

The AIM program provides employers with bright, educated, and motivated investment research and asset management professionals. AIM Director, Dr. Krause, said, "The AIM program is very grateful to the many financial firms who partner with us in providing internships and career opportunities for our students. Our students benefit from summer internships and we know that many employers return year after year to seek out talented students. It is mutually beneficial arrangement."

The mission of the AIM program is to provide Marquette University’s undergraduate students the opportunity to integrate the financial principles they learn in the classroom along with relevant internships and investment experiences so that they may become proficient and ethical investment professionals. According to Dr. David Krause, “One of the best ways to fulfill the AIM mission is provide students with high quality finance internships during the summer between their junior and senior years.”

Dr. Krause added, "Internship placements are coming along nicely for the 2011 summer; however, there are still some excellent AIM students who are candidates for an internship." If you want additional information about the process of hiring an AIM summer intern or would like to view the resumes of the students in the Class of 2012, please contact Dr. David Krause at

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