Monday, March 28, 2011

AIM Students to Pitch Stocks at Heartland Advisors on Friday, April 8

 On Friday, April 8, four AIM students in the Class of 2012 will present their first equity recommendations since assuming control of the AIM Funds. The first AIM 'road show’ since management of the AIM portfolios switched to the Class of 2012 will be held at Heartland Advisors. The students presenters will be: Jacob Bear (Financial Services), Ted Linn (Industrial Materials), Vincent Ong (International Technology), and Bronson Wetsch (International Healthcare). These students will be the first members of the new AIM class to pitch stocks to be considered as additions to the AIM funds.

Jeanne Kolimaga (VP of Human Resources at Heartland) has been working with Dr. David Krause (AIM program director) to organize the visit. Dr. Krause said, “The sessions we hold within investment companies are valuable learning experience for the AIM students. The visits reinforce the applied element of the AIM program and we’ll continue to go on the road on Friday afternoons to present stocks to investment professionals. I know that the juniors are nervous because this is their first set of presentations; however, I'm sure that the investment analysts and portfolio managers at Heartland Advisors will offer them encouragement and useful advice.”

Heartland Advisors, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, consists of a team of dedicated professionals that provide investment advisory services to individuals, investment advisors, institutions and retirement plans. Their approach is highly disciplined and their consistent, value-driven investment style is well-known to most professionals within the industry. Heartland relentlessly seeks value, analyzing overlooked and unpopular stocks which they believe sell at significant discounts to their true worth. The firm is known for its superior investment results and excellent client service.

Dr. Krause stated, “On behalf of the students in the AIM program, in advance of our visit we want to thank Heartland Advisors. We look forward to hearing the comments and suggestions from the investment professionals scheduled to attend the presentations: Jason Schacht, Matthew Miner, Colin McWey, Hugh Denison, Michael Jolin, and Adam Peck."

"All of the student presenters agree about the benefits of these types of interactions," Krause added. "The questions and insights of investment professionals are highly beneficial and serve as an important element in our program. What they learn in these interactions can't be found in text books - it can only be obtained by working with people experienced in security analysis. This will be our third trip to Heartland and we look forward to returning again – this has developed into an excellent long-term relationship,” Dr. Krause concluded.

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