Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mike Keough and Jackie Darr of Racon Capital Partners Visited Dr. Krause’s Alternative Investment and AIM Classes on Wednesday, September 12

Marquette finance students had an opportunity to learn about Racon Capital Partners’ investment strategies and approaches

The students in Dr. David Krause’s investment classes were able to hear from Mike Keough and Jackie Darr of Racon Capital Partners – a Milwaukee-based hedge fund.  

Dr. Krause said, “We learned about how Racon, a global macro investment firm, employs a systematic and quantitative investment approach. Without going deeply into their strategy, we learned about their platform that seeks to anticipate correlation shifts and market environments.”

Mike Keough, Jackie Darr and Dr. Krause
in Marquette's AIM Room
“Citing instances since the Financial Crisis, Mike and Jackie gave the students examples of how asset classes react to economic information at different speeds. Showing how correlations can change quickly and how information can be gleaned from various finance futures, they gave us an appreciate of the importance of identifying key market signals,” Krause commented.  “And using the current holdings in the AIM Funds, Mike and Jackie generated a report that showed the students how to interpret the various multi-factor measures of risk that can impact the portfolios.”

“This visit was another example of the value of applied learning. While text books are useful in presenting the theory behind a strategy, until you hear from the people that are implementing the strategies you really don’t have an understanding of all the elements that are involved in the process.”

Mike Keough, Founder and
CIO of Racon Capital Partners
Mike Keough is the Founding Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Racon Capital. He oversees the firm’s investment strategies, capital allocation and corporate governance. Prior to forming Racon Capital in 2013, Mike was a Principal at Stark Investments where he spent 16 years trading event equity, distressed, convertible arbitrage, equity derivatives, commodities and was ultimately responsible for managing the firm’s Global Macro Strategies.

Before joining Stark in 1996, Mike was a Senior Trader for Cargill, Inc. Mike holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (1994) and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Iowa College of Business (1986).
Jackie Darr, President and
 COO of Racon Capital Partners

Jackie Darr is a Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Racon Capital. She is responsible for all matters related to business and strategic planning. Jackie brings to Racon over a decade of industry experience. Prior to joining Racon, she was Co-Head of Business Development and served as Chief Administration Officer with oversight of Investor Relations, Human Capital and Corporate Operations at Stark Investments, a global multi-asset alternative investment manager. 

Prior to joining Stark in 2006, Jackie held various management positions with Novo Recruiting and Strong Investments, and she also previously ran her own recruiting and human capital consulting firm. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lake Forest College (1997).

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