Friday, March 11, 2016

Alex Isken wins Best Presentation at the 2016 Undergraduate Conference in Information Systems (UCIS) at Carnegie-Mellon!

Alex Isken (Marquette University student and AIM Class of 2015) received the Best Presentation Award for his research on the topic of “Beating the Stock Market: Measuring the Predictive Power of Twitter Sentiment Analysis.”

Alex Isken

We are proud to announce that on February 27, 2016, Alex Isken won the Best Presentation award at the 2016 Undergraduate Conference in Information Systems (UCIS) at Carnegie-Mellon.  This is an outstanding accomplishment and we offer this special note offering congratulations to Alex. The UCIS is a prestigious conference and this an outstanding honor for Alex.

logoIn a previous blog entry we highlighted about Alex’s contributions in hosting a ‘big data and fundamental analysis” workshop to the AIM students in February. His knowledge of how to mine data from micro-blogs was shared with other students and has led to a special exercise being added to the AIM curriculum.

While their research will only scratch the surface of using real-time data, they will learn the basics of coding (using Python), wrangling and arraying data (using Google Refine) and conduct a sentiment analysis (using R statistical software). This assignment will add another potential fundamental analysis tool to their set of skills.

Dr. Ow, Alex Isken, and Dr. Krause
Alex said, “The Carnegie Mellon students had some pretty incredible research, especially considering their technical programming skills. No other groups touched on any financial or investment related topic though. I had a lot of students and faculty approach me throughout the day to ask more about the research… in fact, one of the Carnegie Mellon professors teaching abroad in Qatar was especially interested in the process. It was a great experience, and I got many comments about “why haven’t I thought of trying that myself?”

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director, believes that the use of big data is the next level in the evolution of fundamental analysis and that graduates of the AIM program should be comfortable using this method of analysis. 

He stated, "We appreciate Dr. Ow and Alex Isken helping the AIM students understand the process of evaluating big data. We believe that this type of data analytics will continue to growth in importance across many disciplines. It is with workshops (like the one administered by Dr. Ow and Alex) that our students are able to continue to refine their research and analysis expertise. Does Twitter and other micro-blog sentiment trends serve as a predictor of a company’s future relative stock price? Well, Alex’s research certainly impressed the experts at Carnegie Mellon so we’ll have to wait and see!"

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