Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dr. Curtis Carter will be a guest in the AIM and Alternative Investments classes on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dr. Curtis Carter
On Wednesday, March 9, the students in Dr. Krause’s Alternative Investments and AIM classes will be visited by Dr. Curtis Carter. He will address both the personal and the societal importance of the arts as well as information on ‘art as an investment.' 
Dr. Carter is a professor of Philosophy at Marquette University, focusing on aesthetics. He received a PhD from the University of Boston. His greatest accomplishment at Marquette has been the creation of the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art.  Dr. Carter was the founding director from 1984-2007.

Haggerty Museum of Art / Marquette University Logo
The Haggerty Museum has built a greater appreciation for the arts in the Milwaukee and Marquette University community. He also teaches several classes on the philosophy of art. It is truly one of the gems of the Marquette campus! 

January 21 – May 22, 2016
Dr. Carter serves as an associate professor at Marquette University's Les Aspin Center in Washington DC. At the Aspin Center, Carter teaches a class titled "Arts in a Democratic Society", through which he attempts to integrate the importance of the arts in a Democratic society. The class consists of tours of art museums, historical landmarks and buildings in the DC area, visits to performances at the Kennedy Center.

He currently serves as vice president of the International Association for Aesthetics and is a board member of the International Research Center for Aesthetics and Art Theory (IRCA), based in Rome, Italy. Carter also serves on the Milwaukee Art Museum Fine Arts Society Board of Directors --- and if this isn’t enough, he has recently expanded his teaching to China.

Image result for curtis carter haggerty museum marquetteDr. Carter’s course in the Philosophy of Art again will be taught on campus in the Fall 2016 semester – in addition to his Arts in a Democratic Society course at the Les Aspin. Dr. Krause said, “I encourage my students to that his class in the Fall. This is an outstanding course and it usually fills quickly – so sign up soon. Also I know that in the Spring semester of 2017 he will be offering course on arts/aesthetics and city life – which will include an April 2017 conference with national and international speakers. I am excited about his visit to the AIM classes this week.”

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