Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frank Burgess, Founder/Chairman of Madison Investment Advisers, was the FMA guest speaker on March 1st

Frank Burgess, Founder/Chairman of Madison Investment Advisors, Visited Marquette's Finance Program This Week

Frank Burgess with the FMA students at Marquette
Frank Burgess founded the Madison-based investment firm - Madison Investment Advisors - in 1974 and is currently Chairman of the Board.

Madison Investment Advisors has earned a national reputation for their investment philosophy and active bond and equity strategies. The clients of the firm entrust MIA with approximately $15 billion of assets. Their investors include hospitals, foundations, endowments, religious organizations, corporations, municipalities, unions, financial institutions and insurance companies. The firm also serves a range of individual investors through mutual funds, managed accounts and private portfolios.

Mr. Burgess has visited the AIM program and the Financial Management Association for the past eight years. In past visits he has provided the finance students at Marquette with interesting insights into the world of high frequency trading, the workings of the Federal Reserve, specialized investing topics (such as volatility trading and option strategies), ethics and issue of banks being "Too Big To Fail".

Anthony Disanto introduced Mr. Burgess to the group of 40 FMA students in attendance. This year Frank's talk focused on the US elections, international economic issues, and market sentiment. As always, the students enjoyed his sharp wit and unique insights.

Jack Burgess, Frank Burgess, Joe Amoroso, and Dr. Krause
Mr. Burgess, besides being the chairman of Madison Investment Advisors, is involved in the firm's overall corporate strategy and structure - and he continues to serve as co-portfolio manager of the firm’s Covered Call investment strategies. Frank has degrees in Engineering from Iowa State University and Law from the University of Wisconsin. He currently serves as Trustee of the firm’s closed-end funds (MSP and MCN) and Director of Capitol Bankshares of Madison WI, American Riviera Bank of Santa Barbara CA, and Outrider Foundation. 

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "We greatly appreciate the time the professionals provide to our finance students at Marquette. Frank Burgess has been especially generous with his time over the years --- our students have truly benefited from his experience and wisdom. He is a breath of fresh air each spring and we always look forward to his visit. We also are grateful for the books he has provided to students at Marquette over the years --- these are important in taking the students' knowledge beyond the classroom experience."

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